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Friday, 3 October 2008

Not so silent witness - the morals of a couch potatoe

I don't know where to start. Am struggling with a cold virus so may meander about but watched the 2 latest episodes of Silent Witness. I knew from the 1st episode that it was going to be difficult and at times I almost wanted to switch the tv off because I thought I couldn't handle it but it was so poignant and so relevant I wanted to stick with it.

The storyline was about black on black youth gang killings in deprived estates in London. The scenes, and goings on, were horrific. Girls being gang raped as an initiation process, young men trying to break away with no hope of doing so and generations of neglect and brutality (with society having a rather detached view of it all)whilst young people's identities are pretty much forced on them (often by elder youths from their own cultural backgrounds)...fighting and killing to exist. For me when youths are killing each other..with a moral baseline that seems to revolve around torturing for supremacy, I feel that society is pretty much fucked.

I cried all the way through and I am relieved, on some level, that I did because if I had been able to watch that...and not be so cut up, it would mean that I had become too disassociated from humanity. To view things as going on somewhere else and having no relevance to me, would be the worst thing, I think. I am responsible..we are all responsible!!!

The things that struck me as crucial in this cycle that seems to now perpetuate the way bureaucracy disables people. How the system and charities ..and the politically correct use other people's suffering to promote themselves. To make crass statements and do the tokenistic acts of kindess that make sod all difference...might as well piss up the wall.

I don't say that something so powerful as a violent sub culture (which has evolved - or morphed...and now seems to be gaining more power in its identity/ies) in spite of all the do gooders is easily remedied. But I do think the media by overplaying sentimentality ("an innocent boy was killed") whilst actually not doing any depthy investigative research are doing more damage than good. It is like a flash of sensationalism and then it's not much of anything to worry about.

I am scared (witless) for young people and the loss of youth...more so because I think us adults are viewing them as aliens rather than human beings that we have created. The flesh of our flesh.

And as tv had quite an impact on me, and my psyche, yesterday...I am going to make Paul O'Grady my Messiah of the Week. As is the format of his show....he has 10-15 minute slots (on a kind of rotating basis) about celebs and other things (non celeb orientated). So 2 people with mental illness were herded on...They spoke about their mental illness (approx 5 minutes each)...the message put across was "TAKE YOUR TABLETS AND JOIN MIND and you will be fine" and then they were herded off again.

Well, there you go. It is that simple!!!! One thing he managed to say, that I thought was okay, was that Bipolar is being used as a fashion statement. When he said it I had this image of Paris Hilton and one of her toy dogs. For me, the toy dog symbolised Bipolar. So he wasn't a complete toss pot in my eyes but if chat show hosts (or those setting the schedules) think something like mental illness is important..then a whole show dedicated to it, with some objectivity thrown in, would be better.

And now it is time for me fluids, pain killers and bed!!!


  1. hi good to see you back.
    so agree with everything you say.
    hope you are well tucked up in bed.
    hugs and lots of love

  2. Hi Mandy

    Hope you are better and not that drugged on lemsip , beechams etc you are unable to do thing for yourself.

    I agree with the Bipolar thing, it does seem to be a fashion trend - this is what I said to CC on monday and talked about a well known manic blog and how I think sometimes this Mental illness is being glamourised. Its not glamorous and I for one am not buying into that particular fashion.

    Missed that particular show but may dig it out on youtube if I can find it.

    Take Care.x

  3. Hi Margaret

    I didn't deliberately take a few days out but I can't see the point in posting for the sake of it. Plus my cold was making thinking with clarity(even including my usual levels of dysfunctional functioning) difficult.

    Was so struck by Silent Witness, I had to write..was compelled to.

    Hope things are good with you



  4. Hi Lareve

    Well having gone 24 hours on half a lorazepam, thought I was holding up well..until I wasn't.

    Took half and then walked to local shops and back.

    At least I am consistently taking under 1.5mg per day. Quite impressed with myself.

    So the clinical experts can shove that in their checklist and stick it where the sun don't shine!

    If you do get to see the Paul O'Grady show re-run, see how long the 2 peopl with mental illness are given, in comparison to the rest of the show.

    Tokenism at it's very worst!


  5. Hi Mandy

    Not sleeping again just watched 2 episodes of silent witness. It was pretty grim but didn't upset me which I know is not quite right. I do now have this feeling like whats happening is my personal fault like I am causing the bad things in the world. Can't shake that one. But glad I watched program anyway has helped me gain perspective I think

  6. Hi Lareve

    Ditto on the non sleep front.

    You don't lose Brownie points for not being driven to tears by Silent Witness.

    But if you aren't crying with sheer dismay that Peter Mandleson is back in the bosom of the Government then you need sectioning and NOW! Ha!

    Can somebody tell me one thing that man has done which is of any use to anyone else?

    Couldn't they have kept him in Europe?

    Mind you, it could mean even more of a landslide at the next election. The Tories must be celebrating his return, tonight.

    What about Boris coming over all masterful with Sir Ian (no cover ups on my patch) Blair? I shan't lament his departure..he wasn't even slightly of prophetic standing.

    A slightly interesting week in politics...and next week Sarah Palin has the operation and becomes the man she has always wanted to.

    I am just jealous...I wanted to be captain of the hockey team!!!!

  7. Yes I know what you mean Mand,

    Pretty much cert that labour's days are numbered, just have to wonder what delightful reform the tories have in mind for us.

    Is the flu still kicking ass then?

  8. Well Lareve

    My days of thinking that a change in Government will make things better faded yonks ago.

    My lingering in moo moo land could be to do with virus as when I lie in bed, I am aching all over. It could also be fact that I slept till midday.

    Aren't you at work tomorrow? Ask this because, what I lose out on now I can catch up on by lying in when I do get to sleep.

  9. No- don't work sat only tues, thurs and fridays. As have to juggle work childcare cost etc and of course being mental.

    Last three nights have slept 4 hours total which seems to be pattern then on 4th night crash out for about 5 hours. I can't catch up on sleep in day because I usually have son to take care of, and just not tired enough. Though concentration suffers.

    Fighting urge to go out for jolly now, last time got harassed by tramp wanting money or fags. or both

  10. You sure that tramp wasn't me? Ha!

    Well at least you haven't got work, although having a little one to take care of is as demanding in different ways.

    Hope you get some rest somewhere.

    I think I might have to break my own cycle and have another half a loz.

    And I have a Suki cat demanding of my attention.

    Best sign off or my arm could be clawed to bits. Suki doesn't know her own strength. :>)

    Might be back ...the morning is still very youn


  11. It get's me how so many celebs thik it's ok to 'come out' as Bi Polar just to explain their behaviour.
    Was interested to see Stephen Fry on the BBC's 'The One Show'.When asked about his Bi Polar condition he made a point of saying that his condition is Cyclothymia.Also he said that a lot of Americans are Bi Polar, because of the move from their orignal countries & inability to settle in one place.Something along those lines anyway.

  12. Hi Sis

    So Americans think they have bipolar because they (or more likely) their forefathers moved there from other countries.

    This sounds like another reason to invent some new labels.

    Hows about:

    AND - Affective Nomadic Disassociation

    I am sure the psychobabblists would have a field day with that.