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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Songs and their relevance

Sometimes, it is all about the mickey take.

This song is for a certain mad dentist. Not just any mad dentist, although if any other mad dentists wanna sing along, feel free!

Words are relevant because of comment I made about the NHS/Patient relationship of "They know, we know, they know, we know" (and various twists on same theme):

What a classic this is..shame about the hair!


  1. Oh, ace, Mandy....

    The 'two-timing' would be the non-monogamous patient who seeks private dx and treatment because the NHS can't be arsed to spend any reources on him/her then?

    Whereupon the NHS gets all piqued and brands the unfaithful patient 'an attention-seeker', 'doctor-shopping', and puts him/her down as a mentally disordered hypochondriac...

    Hmmm, human nature. Sounds like just what we do when we're being two-timed in Relationships. But WHY do people look elsewhere for romantic attention...? Isn't it often because our partner is not paying attention to us? Because they don't understand us...? Because they're demonstrating that they don't care...? Because they're treating us badly...? Because we can't tolerate their abysmal habits or overweening egos etc etc...?

    It's obviously a novel notion to many NHS staff, but the relationship between it and patients IS two-way.

  2. Indeed Deb

    How dare we be untrusting of the NHS?

    How dare we question it's competence?

    Well, I see the people who dare being given the attention seeking tag. Most of us get flannel treatment and then when that doesn't work, the NHS will say 'It is not obliged to communicate with you' whilst some lawyer (paid for by tax payer) is skirting round the edges of the legal system to make the patient look like an utter bastard.

  3. AH HAH !!

    little does she know that I know that she knows I have uses. YAY

    Can't say anything else 'cept I agree still it is nice that the Welsh NHS' motto is "putting the Patient first" after the CEO, Members of the Health Board and that family of cockroaches in Central Sterile Supply department But little do they know that I know etc etc