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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross...The BBC Bullies

A couple of complete tossers!!!

Read about phone calls they made to Andrew Sachs.

Sort of thing you expect spiteful youngsters to do (those who haven't been taught any boundaires either that or what goes on in their home, or peer group, reinforces a fight and bully for attention ethos).

I used to think Jonathan Ross was interesting but have switched off to him because he is another one who is so up his own arse... everyone else plays a bit part in his life.

Russell Brand, I originally found 'novel' but then, having read his book, thought him an utter shite. He reckons he has Bipolar disorder. I dunno about that....I know that in the thick of illness people can do shitty things...but with a professional hat on, surrounded by professionals...why did this particular horror take place. Why did no one who could act responsibly, do so?

And I would have thought (likely wrongly) the pair of mature enough years to clock that ringing someone up telling them you have had sex with their grand-daugther and saying that would incline them to kill themselves.. was off the scale of depravity.

But no worries eh? Good ol' Auntie Beeb makes good by saying "Sorry". Mr Ross and Mr Brand...well they might have to sit in the naughty chair for a while but they will soon be back fopping around and earning big bucks.


  1. They should be sacked- the BBC should use this chance to rid itself of the vastly over paid Ross.


  2. I agree Jeremy

    They should be sacked and those who okayed sending the pre-recorded messages.

  3. The Beeb needs to do more than sack Ross and Brand , it needs to question the whole basis on which it operates to burden us with ' youf' culture from the minds and mouths of moronic middle aged middle class men. If Ross and Brand wish to branch out as Howard Stern-like shock jocks good luck to them but not at the taxpayers expense.

  4. Ha! ha! Norm

    'Youf culture'. Would be more relevant if young people were more involved in it!!!!

    I don't mind adults playing at being kids.... Espesh as I feel like a kid playing at being an adult....but think these 2 are making it a life's vocation whilst earning ludicrous amounts of money for it.

    Actually, my general view is if people want to get wrapped up in their ego antics then so be it but I don't think any celeb should be paid the sort of money they are greed and crass stupidity on the part of those who pay them plus I don't think being a celeb exempts you from the law. In fact as examples to the rest of us ...within the responsibilities they don't seem to recognise they have...they suck!

    Comedic license is one thing but even in this society there are laws and levels of human decency that should prevail.

  5. If I were to commit crimes at work of that nature I'd be sacked so fast my p45 would be a blur. What they did was illegal, and what's more, I'm sure they knew that. Their behaviour was unacceptable and they should be summarily dismissed for gross professional misconduct.

    It doesn't matter if they expected it to be 'edited' - commiting crimes in the line of work is not on, cutting room floor or no.

  6. Imagine Wossie's reaction if he received THIS email that was sent to me this morning. Wossie has 3 daughters.

    Dear Jonathan Ross,

    I've just sh*gged your daughter. Who's laughing now?

    Lots of love,

    Gary Glitter x

  7. Hi Deedee

    I think it just highlights how society views certain( I won't use classes...actually I will) classes.

    Have read Aethelred's posting. Will put my views there later but to see this as a sort of prank that has been over-egged, I think misses the plot.

    I don't like the media (it is a hypocritical beast). Make no bones about that but someone, in this society, has to highlight such gross behaviour and more so...the law and others with decision making responsiblities need to act accordingly.

    And the maddenist has got it spot on when they put the boot on the other foot. I doubt Jonathan Ross would be anything but aggrieved if he got phone calls of a similar nature. However the point is those calls should never have taken place and for the BBC to have allowed (or any broadcasting company for that matter) them to have done so is unnacceptable.