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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Have we a new Messiah amongst us?

Thanks to a friend, was sent link to article about Andrew (Single Rooms R Us) Lansley.

The warm and furry face of the Tory party is proclaiming single rooms for all, in hospital, who want them as the way forward. Or is that just a rallying hypey type cry for attention?

The chosen ones for first pickings on single rooms are expectant mothers and mental health patients. Although, unless I have been in extra special acute units, I thought all mental health patients already had single rooms whilst in acute care. Would appreciate some clarification on that. It is the lack of single sex wards that disgruntle alot of people and he does go on to talk about the inappropriateness of mixed sex wards in his speech.

His plan for 45,000 single rooms at a cost of £1.5bn is part of a plan (should the Tories win an election) to ensure patient dignity whilst they receive care in NHS hospitals. With all this hullabaloo about credit crunches, gotta wonder where this extra 1 and half billion is going to come from. Is not like tax payers are going to be thrilled after having to fork out amounts beyond my capacity to register in order to save Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley from themselves!!!

Seems we have some stark choices (that will be made on our behalf) whether or not to spend our taxes on saving banks or the NHS service. Hmmm..tricky one eh?

Full story of this new Messiah (or at least budding prophet) and his ideals are here:


  1. From what I hear, some acute wards are still multi-bed dorms. I think they are in my neck of the woods anyway, hope I won't have the chance to confirm that one, but will keep you posted.

  2. Hi Lareve

    I hope you can avoid havimg to be in a position where you can confirm that for me.

    The first time I went into acute care, I was put in a dorm (next to the nurse's office...a single sex dorm). I wasn't too phased by that but wouldn't have liked to spend too long there.

  3. Yep know his face well, cos he's MP for South Cambs.Seems a fair sort of bloke, but then I do secretly ( not so secretly now) support the Tories in some aspects of their politics - not all I hasten to add.The only problem I have with single rooms in surgical wards is the provision of nursing care.There's not enough nurses to staff the wards now & it would mean having to increase staffing.I know the manager of my ward doesn't like patients to have their bedside curtains pulled around them all the time, because of the nature of their conditions - brain injuries/tumoursc where a patient losing consciousness can mean a bleed or something really life threatening.
    That said with psychiatric wards, having been an inpatient on both single room & dormatry style I agree that single room get's my thumbs up.
    Might come back to this later as I'm supposed to be getting ready for trip to the hospital with Lisha.
    Take care Mandy
    Love Sis xxx

  4. Hi Sis

    Can't rest - won't rest, here!

    I think it's all hype. Anything to detract from the real issues. As you put it..under-staffing (or the sort of staff) is a biggie. I can't see the Tories (any more than New 'Right' Labour) bothering to get back to empathetic basics.

    And in a financial crisis..(even one which they encouraged).isn't Public spending going to be a big cause for their concern?

    Or is it this damn virus making me even more confused?