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Monday, 27 October 2008

The Psychiatrist Who Didn't Give a Shit

The continual blunders of psychiatrist, Lenia Constantine, critised by coroner during the inquest of Leon Laga, who took an overdose and died on the steps of Kidderminster Police Station.

No key worker was assigned to Mr Laga

No Risk Assessment Form completed

No Care Review or Carer's Assesment took place.

In fact one has to wonder if Dr Constantine was aware that Mr Laga was a patient under her care or gave a monkey's.

Full story here:


  1. Hi Mandy

    Thanks for link, interesting article but sadly not surprising. The shrink who didn't give a shit, could be any shrink right?

    Isn;t it unusual for a shrink to be a care co-ordinator?

    Lareve x

  2. Hi Lareve

    I am not sure how rare it is for a shrink to be a care co-ordinator but my shrink was my care co-ordinator until it was deemed I needed extra support. It was deemed that I needed extra support when I got my MP involved.

    Am feeling very very angry with services today and like you, I am not surprised by this story. Doesn't stop me feeling sad and angry though.

    I will just keep putting the stories I come across up here because the total apathy towards people with mentally illness twats me off.


  3. January 2005..............?
    and it's only now being looked at?

    for crying out loud......

  4. Hi Muddled Market Place

    Sorry haven't got your name so hope you don't mind me calling you that :>)

    I don't understand why things are left for years either or whether that is how systems are and it takes years for any accountability to be assessed????

  5. Can I just say, 4yrs on, Dr Constantine is my psychiatrist and I trust her 100%. She has always been there for me during my illness.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Popsicle stick Nancy.

      You must be the only person to say so! What's the secret? Most of us must be invisible because she does nt bother
      To look after us. In her care Leon Laga and Sam ONeil
      Both died - both young! There have also been other
      Articles in the press about her lack of care towards her
      Patients. I suggest you have been asked to place your
      Blog because of her poor press.