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Thursday, 30 October 2008

The All New Improved John Prescott

According to Lynn Barber (of The Observer) Mr Prescott is in a class of his own. I think she meant that as some kind of flattery...

Seems he is going to be doing some series about 'The Class System'. Can't help but laugh to myself about that. The working class hero (with his mansions and jags etc etc etc).

The full story on him is here:

And he duly makes it as Messiah of The Week..for duping so many people and himself for so long.


  1. Two images come to mind, the one where he punched that guy in the crowd and his recent admission of bulemia. He seems to have foot on few bandwagons there, he will be bipolar before long eh, proper working class hero!

  2. John Prescott is a toad as was made clear by his lets pretend Deputy Prime Minesterial role that everyone really knew was a convenient patronising nonsense because of Blair's faustian power sharing pact with Gordeon Brown. Prescott should have been charged with punching that guy , he only got away with it because he now belongs to the ruling class and bulemia my arse!