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Sunday, 5 October 2008

Eating My Words - and choking as I do!!!

No sooner do I write that the media ignore the dangerous side effects of shrinky meds than I get sent a link to the following article from The Independent On Line

So campaigners are aiming to use 10th October to highlight the negative affects of drugs - and game on The Independant for having the balls to challenge the steamroller of one sided journalism.


  1. Reading that article makes me glad that Hubby is getting additonal care through regular blood tests/blood pressure checks & dietary monitoring.Not sure if it's down to his Shrink's concern or it's a Trust wide policy.
    How are you doing btw Mandy ?

  2. Hi, thanks for your note. Hope you are feeling better. I'm apprehensive as I am seeing the GP tomorrow...

  3. Hi Sis

    Got a migraine last night..not sure sort of just happened. Came over me in a few minutes and floored me.

    Is good that your hubby's shrink monitors his health closely.


  4. Hi DeeDee

    Good luck at GP's. I always get apprehensive when I see mine too.

    I need to get to see mine this week as the migraine wafer thing worked yesterday. I took it and within 15 minutes the aura had gone...although still felt I had been hit by ten ton truck. Then again what's new?

    Take care x