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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Progress on MH Services Front....Missing trains or am I at the wrong station

Had the meeting with care co-ordinator today.

Spoke with a friend earlier about my views that I should say I don't want to see them anymore because the meetings seem irrelevant to me. Friend's advise was to stick with seeing CC because I might actually need something from them and giving them an excuse to take me off their books just means should I need something (which may or may not prove helpful in the future) I would be even less likely to get it as I would be filed in outakes (sub section 'recovered or missing - not our problem anymore').

So the meeting went ahead.


Problems and their advise for me to write up a problem solving chart. I sat there trying to look as attentive as possible, whilst the memories of many a chart from my training days came back to me. To say I am charted out would be an understatement.

Advised to give people in my life ultimatums (although I need to disguise them so they don't look like ultimatums)

Advised to contact Dad's care team (any member I can manage to get hold of) and tell them I am concerned that he might be having a relapse. Yeah that should do the trick alright, particulary as Dad has made it clear to me that he wants to keep his contact with MH team separate to his contact with me. I haven't worked out why..then again I haven't worked out much of anything that is going on with Dad right now. I don't need further complications of breaking trust or acting like a snitch.


When they left, I thought "Fuck that". I will rattle along aided by lozees and do whatever seems appropriate for me at the time.

Thank Heavens for Em. She, and her fella, bought me a Subway bagette and cookie and then we went round to Dad's together and a pretty good time was had by all. A case of strength in numbers.

This song seems kind of appropriate:


  1. Hi Mandy

    Like song choice. I know what its like on MHS front. as I explained in email had to see GP today for urgent stuff and so cancelled CBt appointment. got told off for not taking therapy seriously.

    cc has been useless past few days when needed her - I guess she is busy but I feel they are just letting me get on with it until I wind up dead or on a section.

    At least you have good support worker.

  2. Fwiw I agree with your friend's verdict.
    Think my CC has already filed me in the "not my problem" category. Psychiatrist may have gone same way. I am (despite my initial comment) considering discharging myself; what stops me is the thought that doing so might actually please BLPT!

    In fact, I get my main support from my counsellor (for which I am paying) and my GP (who is brill). So having involvement from secondary mental health services seems rather pointlesss at the moment. 3-monthly psychiatric outpatients appointments don't seem very helpful.

  3. Hi Lareve

    Yes, I do have a good Support Worker and mightily relieved about that because lots of people don't.

  4. Like you, I think, BLPT would be glad to see the back of me.

    Am a thorn in their side. A rottern non team player!

    I lost the response from the Director and had to ask the Complaint's Manager for another copy. Which they duly sent along with details about blood tests.

    That arrived today but I haven't got round to opening it. I need to pick a moment when am not swamped by other things because I want to go through it thoroughly and should I need, or wish, to respond..then want to do that thoroughly as well.

  5. What's a 'CC'?

    Counsellor of some sort?

    I think you're right, La Reve: they leave you until the extreme last moment. I can't work out whether that's because they are

    a) incompetent

    b) cash-strapped (what ? after years of New Agendas and Reforming every 6 months?)

    c) really into the adrenaline rush they get from crises - 'let me through! I'm a hero MH worker/doctor/tosser!'

  6. Hi Deb

    CC is Care Co-ordinator. I don't know about other MH Trusts but in this one they used to be called CPNs - Community Nurse Practitioners.

    Must have got un upgrade - most likely with bigger caseloads.

    Whatever, I find mine willing (to a certain extent) but oblivious.