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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Taxi's, Appointments and The Pussycat Dolls

Up early again. I dropped loz straight away. Taking no chances on panic attacks and migraines. Needed to be together for Dad.

Went round his about 9.15 and it was clear that he was in an okay place for the meeting with the shrink. As in, getting ready and talking in a free way.

He was nervous but then aren't we all before these kinds of meetings?

Got taxi and arrived 10 minutes early. Thankfully, we weren't kept waiting and Dad allowed me into the meeting. He asked if I wanted to go in with him. Of course I did. I just wasn't going to force matters.

It went quite well. The shrink gave him time, and listened to what he said and tried to provide supportive and thoughtful responses. A far cry from the conveyor belt that is ward round meetings (in acute care) where patients are in and out in 5 minutes and don't know what hit them and how hard.

Dad spoke of his bad thoughts, which upset him greatly, but he is unable to share. The shrink reassured him that he doesn't have to share them. It is his choice but if he wants to talk them through at some point, some kind of psychotherapy can be made available to him. It is something that might be useful at some option at least.

The possibility of returning to the day care centre (he used to love going there), on a basis that suits Dad, was discussed. Dad was very uncertain and nobody pushed him on it but said it could act as some kind of destraction from the bad thoughts. I thought that was fair comment but again, it is up to Dad.

I explained my concerns in regards to Dad and problems with his balance and the fact he keeps getting dizzy and falling over. Not good for a man of his age and height. Was agreed the care co-ordinator will take his blood pressure lying down and sitting see what the differences are and he is being encouraged to go to his GP,although the last time he went the GP was very rude and flippant with him. Maybe, when Dad is ready, he could see another GP or the practice Nurse. Again, it is an option.

I did say that I wanted my concerns as not to have any of this "We weren't informed of your concerns" crap that I have come across in the past.

So back home now and catching up.

This is my record of the moment. I know it is bubblegum but it is a fun track with quite a good underlying moral. Even if the Pussycat Dolls look like they have just walked off the cover of 'OK' magazine.

As for me when I grow up, I want to be even more childlike:


  1. Mandy

    You can get blood pressure meters from Lidl @ £9.99. I have one & have compared same to my GP's.

    I discovered my previously dangerously high BP became far too low once on treatment. I was able to reduce ammount of betablockers (in conjunction with my GP) to about half the makers recomended.


  2. Thanks Jeremy

    I am not sure me taking Dad's blood pressure is necessarily condusive to either of our mental states.

    I am more inclined to encourage the services to support Dad on more practical levels and in regards to supporting him health wise. I don't mind going along to GP appointment with him, when my own health permits but my experience of MH services, in particular, is if I do things then they opt out.

    I am not going to give them the opportunity to do that.

  3. Hi Mandy

    Glad you managed to go with your Dad bet it meant a lot to him and sending you virtual pat on back for that. Also sounds like he got something from them even if it is just building relationship so he is able to open up in the future.

    Take care
    Lareve x

  4. Hi Lareve

    Gotta live in some hope eh?

    Feeling dead miserable today. I watched 'Sex in the City' DVD last night and okay there are the obligatory blips in relationships but then it turns out alright for everyone in the end. That is what the punters want.

    Got up with impending migraine...howled all over my Support Worker and am now back in limbo land.