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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Messiahs with Medals

Our Messiah of the Week is Anne Beales.

I have chosen her for her unstinted work towards self promotion. Sure her adoring fans will be on my case. So what?

The woman has been round the block more times than the ice cream van and where is this national service user movement she has (reportedly) strived to achieve over the yonks she has been working the boards?

Well there is handful of people on the management committee of NSUN (The National Service User Network), of which Ms Beales is a member. A network which has been going nearly 2 years now...with people to'ing and fro'ing (mostly fro'ing)and little to show for it.

I don't dispute that getting a national service user anything together is difficult because of the varying views that abound but for someone, like this week's Messiah, to have done so well out of the various forums she has been on...even when they have done sod all of any an achievement - FOR HER!

She has earnt her place here and serves, if nothing else, to raise awareness of the wonders of hat wearing.


  1. I am a service user. do you think they will give me a medal? Probably not as I don't do hats! Good Blog! Keep it up!

  2. Anne Beales also deserves credit for the following song which she wrote and taught service users in her native Eastbourne to sing as the marched by her in goose step. Its sung to the tune of House of the Rising Sun. Very Animal Farm...

    We would like a Trust that isn't trussed, people who
    Everyone got involved
    We'll write a plan involving all, empowering everyone.
    We will educate, communicate, abolish prejudice
    So listen to our voice, act on our choice and we will write the plan.
    Yeah Man!!

    We need the attitude to go.
    The processes to change
    Our voices heard and to be informed
    no gaps in the service range
    You `Talk the Talk', but don't `Walk the Walk'
    You don't hear what people say
    Please hear our voice we want more choice
    Less pills and a listening ear.

    In the precious land of Fairies, where my Godmother has a view.
    She'd like us to have a service, which doesn't make you spew.
    A place that offers value, respect and openness
    That listens to what our needs are, even if my name is Bruno and
    what I want is to wear A DRESS!

    Everyone got involvedWe see a seamless service, with equality and
    support, especially from GPs.
    Where everyone is included, that's people of all sorts
    Now Tony tell your new Trusts who need resources and respect
    not to forget that end goal is peoples health and happiness

  3. Grovelling Swine16 October 2008 at 22:13

    Well done Anne, you're Empowered as Member of British Empire now.

  4. She looks like she's going to a wedding, must be the hat.

    Interestingly, I checked out Naess's website and nothing has been posted up there since around May/June or so and slightly after in 2008. The only other mention I could find online was an interview with him last week or so going on about how he spent a lot of time talking to ill people and reassuring them that what they were feeling was normal.

    He seems a tad disorganised, I mean, I followed the instructions on the website a few months back, all enthused after seeing a pesentation of his, to offer his organisation 20 quid, and they never emailed me back to tell me how to get the dosh to them.

    Usually, even an incompetent charity is reasonably with-it when it comes to collecting donations.

    Very very odd indeed. Unless they got so overwhelmed after the newsnight segment that they have been digging through their post ever since (you'd be amazed how many people watch tv. I was on an obscure gaelic-language thingy for 5 minutes once, and all sorts of people recognised me the next day... weird).

  5. If only I could get brain into gear to make shovelling shit around into a vocation and could find a damn hat am sure I could get an MBE.

  6. Look at the way her hand is placed around the medal box.

    The woman is totally pro.

    Has she been on QVC?

    I can imagine her saying "It comes in 3 sizes and a selection of colours to match all your hats"

  7. As for Jonathan Naess. So busy promoting himself, he has completely forgotten to manage his own charity.

    He needs to take tips from La Beales. She will sort him out.

  8. Jonathan Naess doesnt need your money DeeDee , he simply wants the glory and reputation of fronting what he claims is the MH version of ' Stonewall'.

    The Stand to Reason site remained unchanged for six months when Naess set up the charity as well as there were complaints to the Charity Commission about the organisation being fraudulent.

    Jonathan's timing was wonderful, he took a years sabbatical as the global banking system crumbled. Finger on the pulse huh? I did try to warn him...

    Anyway, give me the £20 , I promise I'll put it to good use and fully account for what I do with it.

  9. Norm: yes, you are right, I think lessfraudlent and just all walk and no talk (ie incompetent as s***e). When we last discussed the bloke, I had been all bowled over and impressed by his presentation and what he said he wanted to do

    Unfortunately, actually getting stuff done is hard work, that he doesn't appear to be so strong on. I am a little annoyed I was taken in. I'd never encountered an MH charity person in the flesh before....

    ...I would have no problem giving you that 20 quid. Seeing as I had put it aside. Or Mandy for that matter....

  10. btw I recommend not investing 20 quid, or any sum of money, in mortgage bonds.

    Beer, in bottles or cans, keeps better :).

  11. If i had a spare £20, would deffo invest it in as many boxes of creme eggs the money allowed me to purchase.