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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Letting Go - Final Letter to MP.

Thank you for your latest letter and your support with my many communications. I apologise if it has seemed I am just making a nuisance of myself for the sake of it. That has not been the case. I genuinely believe that I have had to fight for some basic rights for my father and appropriate care for myself.

I do now feel that specific areas of concern in regards to my own care have been addressed. Respite care is now an option for me and is in place as is the Direct Payment, which I am using to get support to take me out and involve me in things that are beneficial to my well being. I do not think I would have got these without your support and the support of the lawyer.

However, I am most unsatisfied with what has happened in regards to my father. I understand the law is the law. Both my father and I will abide by that. What has frustrated both of us the most is the lies we have been told and the way we have been messed about by different services. It still continues with my father having asked for an advocate and not got one. Being told by South Essex Partnership trust that he was not sectioned, in the past, when both of us know that he was. These things seem to drag on and on, with endless streams of paperwork to go with them, just trying get to the bottom of things and I do not think it is in the best interests of my mental well being to keep fighting for this.

I do feel that I am letting my father down but I can’t continue to battle on, hitting brick walls. His basic care needs are being met and I no longer have to worry that he is in a position to kill himself. That, I think, is as good as it is going to get.

I do worry that if organisations are allowed to keep lying that it becomes acceptable practise but one person can not change the system and I would be stupid to try.

Again, I thank you for help and hope for a better future for us all.