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Monday, 27 October 2008

For the recovered

Actually, for one sort of recovered person, for reasons I will touch on later in this post, is someone I kinda like. Shaun Ryder - ex of Happy Mondays and Black Grape. And yes there is a link because it is Monday. The happiness is for the happy people out there.

The other link is that I read the latest story about his goings on in Q - A magazine I rarely read but am liking alot.

Mr Ryder's history is one of drug induced out there-ness but he has kicked the heroin and latter years of methadone addiction. Whether that is for good or not who can tell but good on him for now.

Due to feuds with De Management he gets no royalties from anything he has been involved in (including his awesomely dead pan - and I write that with affection - contribution to the Gorillaz 'Dare'). He is muddling along, like alot of us.

I know I tend to admire people that the rest of society would classify as 'waste ofs' or 'morally inappropriate' but such is how I am. The arrogantly self perpetuating Johnny Borrell (adore him for it) and not least because he comes up with the goods and to Shaun Ryder - For being real and fucking up and carrying on regardless.

So, with the links already in place, is time for some melon twisting.

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