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Monday, 20 October 2008

Stigma is alive and kicking (people out) of Strangford

To show that I am not all one sided opinions, with no objectivity (well not today, anyway), going to share a story of a man who was chased out of the village he lived in because he was seen as 'different'.

Not only was he hounded by neighbours but businesses refused to serve him. In fact, if you go to the link below, you will see how intolerable his life became.

Maybe I am one of the lucky ones who has never suffered abuse, because of my illness, from other people who have lived in communities I have. I did suffer abuse at school. Then again so did my father, my daughter and many people I know (with or without mental illness). I think there is more to stigma than it being about mental illness. It is about pack hunting and going for easy targets. Granted people with learning disabilities and the mentally ill are often seen as easy targets but let us be clear when it comes to pack hunting and going for easy targets...take a look at how the government are planning to treat the vulnerable!!!

Sis had a posting the other day about the government's intention to force carers on to job seeker's allowance. How is that going to enhance their well being or the well being of those they care for? Particulary, those who need 24/7 care? I ask ya!!!!


  1. Sadly, bigotry of all kinds is alive and well in Northern Ireland.

  2. Hi Deedee

    Spooky or what? Literally got back from your blog to your comment here. Cue 'Twiglet Zone' music. Whatever that is.

    I am more likely to, and do frequently, get hurled shite comments because of how I dress on this estate rather than the state of my mind..which no one can fathom out.

    Least of all me!

    Either you are Emo and the Wanna Be Chavs hate you...or you are Wanna Be Chavs and the Emos hate you. There are a couple of Goths and me who get the "Oi Weirdo" crap from Chavland and looks of bewilderment from the Emos.

    Having been through the Punk, New Romantic and Goth Years (first hand) having taken the bits that I really like and added my own stuff in. The sort of chants I get are small fry.

    Someone with a knife. however...I would be concerned about and I am sure it won't be long before that level of disengagement and re-engagement to the "Whose The Teen Daddy" mindset takes hold here.

    Drugs have already ravaged alot of this place...the next step down seems pretty inevitable.

    Cheffin tragic!

  3. Strangford -

    I was actually stigmatised by members of the staff of the local hospital. When approached, via the proper channels and asked to do something about it ..............the complaints manager refused on the basis of what MH staff do out of hours is nothing to do with the trust !!


  4. Hi Jeremy

    EMO..the term is to do with music. Emotionally Orientated Rock or something like that.

    Is some child born of Goth..well I think so.

    The uniform is dyed black hair...with a fringe that starts non existant one side and ends up covering the eye on the other side (anyone remember Phil Oakey in the Human League?..well I think that is the original and best haircut..iconic at the time). Black drainpipes, white shirts, black ties...eyeliner and well posed slightly vacant depressed looks abound.

    I shouldn't knock it as it is part of some cycle of music and related styling and I was posing myself mannequin styley with the New Romantics. I loved the New Romantics. False as it all was alot of fun (espesh the make up).

    Now I don't belong to any one camp...I just camp up what I come across and like.

  5. Stigma from MH naieve we are (or have been) to think that they aren't prejudiced or that they can act decently outside of their professional environment. Fekk, would be great if more acted decently inside it!

    Some..well from what they write in blogland...don't come across as prejudiced and seem pretty genuine in their concern about people and how they go about trying to help them...but you never know what goes on really.

    Then again I am partisan!