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Thursday, 9 October 2008

How will you celebrate World Mental Health Day?

Any bedpushers about?

I haven't heard what is going on locally because I haven't been back to the day centre since I said I was joining the belly dance group and got a damn migraine on the day I was supposed to go. Them Evil Dwarves I tell ya, I will swing for them!!!

I will be celebrating by not celebrating. Instead, I will be heading off to the east coast for a reclusive weekend of staring at the sea.

So there will be no blog posts until, at least, Monday.

However you choose to spend the glorious day of enlightenment for the world, enjoy it.


  1. Which day of the week is world mental health day? Or have I missed it. Hannah X

  2. I suggest celebrating with chocolate and icecream.

  3. Hi Hannah

    It was Friday but I was on my way to Great Yarmouth.

    Got back yesterday.

    I got to see the sea. :>)

  4. Deedee

    Chocolate and ice cream.

    Does it get any better than that? :>)