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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hospital Discharge Errors Put Patients At Risk

Results of a poll carried out on GP's reveals that hospitals are failing to provide accurate discharge details for patients.

The NHS Alliance surveyed hundreds of GPs and claims that the lack of information being provided means that patient's lives are being put at risk.

A Department of Health spokesman said it was unacceptable for patient safety to be compromised after a patient has been discharged from hospital.

Story here:

So what exactly do The Department of Health intend to do about it? Nothing forthcoming on that front from the spokesman eh?


  1. That is interesting !!

    I just looked at my Admission/Discharge form for a major regional psych unit in N Ireland & noticed every page is blank. The only info on the form was patient name & hospital number.

    Proof that nobody gave a shite !!

  2. I have one of those discharge sheets too. The complete lack of care with which it was filled in has indeed had catastrophic effects on my life.