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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Quango you see him, now you don't, now you do again!

Found out today that Paul Mullins, ex CEO of Bedfordshire and Luton MH Partnership Trust, is now working for the Eastern Region Strategic Healthy Authority and.... get this.... he is on a temporary contract working on the merger of CSIP (parts of it) into the Strategic Health Authority.

And there was me thinking that there would be an end to the cycle of rotating iffy management (well, in an ideal world). No! they just get moved to another government job where they will do fekk all of any use etc etc.

I have heard that the SHA's won't be absorbing all of the work CSIP did. There will be other arms of CSIP, I would assume, doing pretty much the same only the name will have changed.

So one quango gets replaced by...yep... more quangos!

You know you've been quango'd when you get a large brown envelope, through the post, with a 250 page document inside that, having read the first couple of pages, rids you of the desire to keep on breathing.


  1. Paul Mullins has obviously opted out of the line of professional accountability towards a more shadowy career manipulating false impressions of success behind the scenes as the NIMHE hydra under whichever name it has operated under has always done.

    People like Paul Mullins will ultimately bankrupt the NHS and you can be sure that he leaves MLPT in a state of operational and financial disarray and that his career switch had nothing to do with improving the quality of local services to patients and carers and everything to do with looking after Paul Mullins.

  2. When the going gets tough the management dodge sideways and you can bet your sweet ass they will continue to earn big dosh and get away with doing sod all.