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Saturday, 25 October 2008

In Defence of Relationships

Some people are blessed and I mean blessed by love. The love of each other.

Below is a poem. I feel honoured that it was sent to me, by a friend, along with an e:mail asking me not to lose hope. Am particularly touched as this friend has recently lost their loved one. They gave me permission to share it here and I am pleased about that because I feel it deserves to be read by others. Rest in peace Max xx

My Love

You are my love, my world my everything

You are my sunshine, you make me so happy, I never dreamed of a love so strong as the love I feel for you.

I am so very happy! You made me feel so good about life and so good about myself

I only hope that I can make you feel as good about life as you make me feel

Yes we have our ups and downs but doesn't everyone else?

I love you so much that it sometimes hurts! My darling Ian thank you for making me so happy I love you now and always

Maxine May Griggs Circa 2002


  1. A Beautiful poem. Did you feel a bit guilty for anti-relationship post??.

  2. No hun

    I just realised that there are relationships that work out there.

    Am chuffed for anyone who does have a good partnership.

    Doesn't mean I buy into it. As ever I am on the peripheries. Ha! ha!