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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Shiftings and Shaftings

My friend, who also happened to have been caught up in the NIMHE bullshit with me (until we both got wise), has informed me that NIMHE (national institute for mentally hindered establishmentarionism) which changed it's name to CSIP (Controllingly Supervising Incompetent Partnerships)is no more.

Having spent a year with NIMHE and going from being hopeful of some positive change to totally deluded as each layer of bureaucracy grew stronger and the service user voice weaker..all I can say is 'Good Riddance!'

All is not good news though. The Strategic Health Authorities have now absorbed whatever the government found useful from CSIP's existance and as these authorities have never shown any sign of giving a tuppeny shit what Mental Health Service Users think, there will be nothing good come of it. Only that people will know exactly where they stand.

Like when you vote Tory. At least you know you are going to get a shafting with them!! Whereas with Labour people (naievely or not) thought "Things Could Only Get Better". Better the devil you know...not really...better no devil at all. Fat chance!

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