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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Conglomoration - The Way Forward for MH Charities?

Story from today's Guardian, written by that media expert on mental health Mary O'Hara, on the merger between MIND and Mental Health Media.

In the article, Paul Farmer, head of MIND, reckons the merger will provide a more positive image of people with mental illness by building better links to the media.

My views about the shenanigans of a certain major player in MHM and the fact that they got away with, at least, questionable behaviour means that I don't see this as some breakthrough on behalf of people with mental illness.

As charities seem to have little accountability to those they claim to represent...I can't help seeing that this is another way for 'players' to come together so they can feather their new nest for themselves.

I also (in present climate) wonder how much (surplus) charity money has been invested in these financial companies that have been or are likely to become 'nationalised'.

For full Guardian story go to link below:



    Mind or one of the national MH charities had to step into to salvage Mental Health Media from the damage David Crepaz Keay did to the supposedly User Led Mental Health Media unit as he actually used its staff , funds and resources to create clandestine sites attacking other MH charities and service users and Crepaz Keay in his anonymous role as ' The Psychotic " used charitable funds to rip the shit out of MInd Director Paul Farmer too, calling him Pill Pharmaceutrical'.

    This abuse wasnt limited to Crepaz Keay or Mental Health Media either, Mental Health Foundation Director Andrew McCulloch was up to his neck in it too.

    At the time charitable funds were being misused in this way Mental Health Media were having funds and work thrust at them by the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health ( the charity behind NIMHE ) but when David Crepaz Keay's antics embarassed SCMH Director Angela Greatley - who also sat on the MHM board - MHM were mothballed as the Charity Commission tried to turn a blind eye to what had been going on. Now Mind have picked up the poison chalice but recession hit Brits are getting wise to charities who generate huge surpluses to play the markets and/or who , like the Mental Health Foundation and Mind, set themselves up in plush London offices and start using charitable funds to, eh, fund their lifestyles.

    When we asked Paul farmer to set up a blog so mental health service users could directly question his and his organisations policies he scarpered pretty sharpish.

    Guardian MH correspondent Mary O'Hara also isnt very keen on investigating abuse in MH charity sector or giving ordinary MH service real choices and a chance to speak up for themselves. In fact the lack of objectivity in O'Hara's reportage is disturbing , maybe she should seek help be merged with Mind too.

  2. Oh well done for granting Mind Director Paul Farmer Messiah status, that fucking meglomaniac has been after that title for years.

  3. Emile

    It's another case of of they know we know but they are carrying on regardless.


    Have you ever had the thrill of meeting Mr Farmer? My friend did when both friend and Farmer were members of Rethink.

    The nicest thing my friend can say about him is that he is not a nice man!!!!