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Friday, 6 August 2010

Accountablity and sharing one's own truth

I have taken, of late, to not sharing much about me and what I do. Mainly, because of the vultures out there who just love to pick at the bones of people if they get half a chance BUT I am sharing my latest letter to my lawyer because ..well just because I feel I have to keep fighting for justice in a country where justice only serves the most wealthy and able.

Here goes

Dear (solicitor)

Re: On going concerns regarding South Essex Partnership Trust and Gaining Access to Pertinent Information

I am afraid I am writing to say I am most perturbed by what is going on. In addition to the Trust continually delaying it’s response to the letter you sent them on my behalf (at the start of summer). I am perturbed that I still don’t have a copy of the letter you sent to them, so am unaware of what has been written on my behalf.

I would like to clarify that during our initial meeting, prior to you taking up my case, I was seeking a copy of the Report on what led to my father’s suicide attempt, last autumn. This is a fundamental piece of evidence in regards to the level of neglect my father was subject to and the level of pressure I was put under, having to try and keep my eye on him and maintain my own mental well being (which was severely affected by what happened).

I understand from what you have written that my father is not entitled to legal aid. However, I think that the law is being abused by the Trust’s unhelpfulness in providing formal documentation, which is paramount in him receiving what he is entitled to.

The panel met in December to agree what support my father would be given and both my father and I were (verbally) informed that the panel agreed to him going into a care home and that the costs of this would be covered (in full) on the grounds of his ill health. However, Social Services are now paying for his care and he is losing his pensions because of this. It is not fundamentally about money. It is about what is just and fair and, his entitlement to formal documentation on what was agreed. I write this to you because due to the misguidance both of us have been given, I have been called upon to act on my father’s behalf in matters that have caused me major stress and distress.

All either he or I have had is verbal agreements. Nothing has been put in writing, at any time, and sent to him or me.

The only resolution, I can see to this situation is that Freedom of Information Act Requests are sent to the Trust for the original formal documentation. That being

The Report completed on my father (including details of the stress it put us both under)
A copy of the original agreement that the Panel made, in December, prior to my father going into the care home.

I appreciate that you think that my father’s outstanding issues have no relevance but in addition to the length of time it has taken for any of my concerns to be addressed, which has been a very long time indeed, the fact that I have had to try and get (unsuccessfully) documentation regarding verbal agreements and investigations/report, I think it unacceptable and there must be a way for the law to carry out a duty to vulnerable people who are being abused by continual system failure and deception.

I have sent a copy of this to my MP because I believe it isn’t just about the law trying to make people and organisations accountable but for those who represent them to try and do so to.

I feel strongly that both my father and I have been continually neglected and treated unfairly by systems that have done little to alleviate the stress placed upon us.

Yours sincerely

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

As banks make mega profits....David Cameron proclaimed new Messiah

It really is amazing what 2 month's in office can do for the economy! Well the Financial Sector.

Yes, of course I know it was fekk all to do with the Tories but they will claim it is something to do with their 'Big Society ethics (a bit of 'penny pinching' from the rich and 'pound pinching' from the poor'


I am expecting my letter from Job Centre confirming I have been given work as a CBT Therapist any day now.

Me: "Tell me about your childhood"

Followed by heartbreaking trip down their memory lane

Me: "Now it's my turn!!!"

Monday, 2 August 2010

Why send in the clowns when you can use Trojans????

Would like to thank the person who sent the Trojan virus via this blog. Very clever of you. Now you can go off and feel all smug about your technical abilities.

Love the way it's all anonymous and behind the scenes. Total cowardice really!!!