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Saturday, 4 October 2008

A message from the other side (of Sanity)

Following email arrived in my in tray:

Dear Friends

Two events you would be sane to miss are normality testing on World Mental Health Day Friday 10th October 2008 and the meeting of the Survivors History Group at Bunhill Quaker Meeting House on Thursday 23.10.2008. Details follow. Are you abnormal enough to enjoy both?

Friday 10th October 2008

Starting at 1pm, St Ann´s Hospital, Tottenham N15 3TH

The Mad Hatters of Bath will be taking the Normality Testing Machine to London to join Rufus May and the Bed Push Crew as we escape from oppressive psychiatry. We will be honouring the life of Daniel Galvin

1979-2008 who died of a heart attack after 5 years of taking the dangerous psychiatric drug Olanzapine. We will also be raising awareness of the use of coercive and compulsory medication in the treatment of mental distress.

Join us for cabaret and cake at the summit of Parliament Hill to greet the bed push around 4pm and reclaim your right to be not normal.

Thursday 23.10.2008.

2.30pm to 4.30pm: The Survivors History Group will be welcoming new members and reviewing its progress this year, at Bunhill Quaker Meeting House. Everyone is welcome. If you let me know you are coming, please mention what kind of sandwich you would like to eat.

This is the address:
Bunhill Quaker Meeting House
Bunhill Fields
Quaker Court
Banner Street

To get there, go to Old Street (the underground station) and walk west along Old Street (the road) to Bunhill Row. Turn left (south) down Bunhill Row. Banner Street is on the right (west). Walk along the south side of Banner Street and you will find (on the left) a passage way under the flats to Bunhill Meeting House.

Attached to this email you will find an interesting document from the Mad Hatters of Bath. For more information about the Survivors History Group, visit our website:

Best Wishes


In answer to Andrew's question I don't think I am normal enough to be able to get to these events to find out if I am abnormal enough to enjoy them!

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  1. I did not go to the bed-push myself - But I went to the history meeting and it was particularly interesting because we heard about SIMBA. But you do not need to leave the house to find out about that. You can hear it roar at

    Best Wishes