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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

The Return of the Nazi Punks in Dog Collars

The Times is running a story of a camp in the USA, whose leader, Alan Chambers, reckons it is a place to find a cure for homosexuality.

Exodus International is one of the ministries of the so called "Ex Gay Movement! which encourages people to renounce their sexuality through the Christian faith.

Mr Chambers (a self confessed 'Ex' Gay????) is quote 'Happily married with children' and says he does not judge gay men having been one himself. He also claims to still be 'in denial' but chooses to ignore any feelings he has towards members of his own sex. Maybe, I am reading that wrong but to me it comes across as "Yes I am gay, just pretending not to be in order to get to Heaven".

After all he states that "Homosexuality is not the opposite of heterosexuality but the opposite of holiness".

More of this pious tripe can be found here :

And Mr Chambers takes up his rightful place as "Messiah of the Week"


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  2. FFS.

    Is there no end to the number of ways in which human beings can contort their thinking in order to 'fit in'?

    This smacks of a recipe for wide-scale nervous breakdowns when these 'converts' eventually cannot keep up with the false sense of self the Exodus people induce/coerce.

    Either that or they because excessively fascist about others who won't convert.