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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Political Correctness in Blogland

Personal view is that there shouldn't be any...or if there is then it is more about a personal choice on what is correct for someone on their own blog rather than 'groups of' deciding what is best.

By the very nature of the freedom that blogs give to people, to then be embroiled in some kind of shared standard of correctness defeats the object.

Have been giving this some thought, lately, because I am wondering if cliques have evolved. That, in itself, is not a bad thing..unless people feel they have to belong to a clique in order to belong in blogland or that certain opinions have to go with being involved in certain blogs.

People will go where their comfort levels (ideologies and interests) take them and fair enough but I sometimes get hung up. Because I don't want to belong to a clique. I find them exclusive rather than inclusive..and I also like to move around blogland and comment wherever there is something I feel I want to comment about without having to sign allegiance to 'a way of doing things'.

Granted I have my views, and some are very strong but I like to read differing views too. I like to review where I am and why I think what I think and different opinions help me to do that.

Maybe it is my neurosis that makes me pose these questions..and to myself (mostly). I don't want to have an exclusive blog where only anti meds people come, particulary as I sometimes sway back into 'maybe it is worth another tablet' mode (usually to talk myself out of it again). In fact I don't mind who comes here...although if they are going to state something, it makes for better communication if there is a level of explanation to that..although not compulsory...I wouldn't want to start another clique! ha! ha!

Anyway, things will be what they will be because people will make them so. That is if the bureaucrats don't start devising 'conformity rules' on our behalf.

And I will carry on being acid, daft, erratic including sometimes relatively nice because my blog allows me the freedom to do that..and that is what I think blogs, bottom line, are for.

Ultimate expression of the self (within the confines of what a blog can enable people to express)


  1. If I agree with this post can I be in your clique?

  2. I think there are definatly groups within the blogosphere, maybe not quite as far as cliques but deifnatly groups. I dont thnk they are harmful because it is just a part of a bigger support group but I could understand how they do push others away, as if they were outsiders. Hannah X

  3. Ha! ha! Lareve

    You can do whatever you want.

    I couldn't be part of a clique if my life depended on it. If, by some act of contradicition (which is not beyond me to do) I was party to the start of a clique, by my very nature, I would end up marginalising myself from it!!!

  4. Hi Hannah

    I think there are groups too. That is human nature. I just get spooked when the groups start saying the same things as each in more so as time goes by.

    That's when the peer group pressure comes into play.

    Another kind of social control.

    Or maybe I am just thinking too much about this.

    Perhaps I should go to a few blogs and say "I think that is totally bollox"...(futile on one level but maybe relevant on another that only I get DOH!)

  5. Wasn't it Groucho Marx who said: 'I refuse to belong to any club that will accept me as a member?'.

    He also said: 'Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana'. :-).

  6. Just as the set of all sets cant include itself so none of us can be in the clique of all cliques and I'm not happy about this at all.

  7. Hi Deedee

    Groucho Marx is one of my heroes. I have a favourite clip from one the Marx Bros films I will put up here later.

    I quite like this quote:

    "A pun is the lowest form of humour -- when you don't think of it first." :>)

    And I love bananas xxx

  8. Well Norm

    Perhaps there is such a thing as a clique of one.

    I think Oscar Wilde achieved that in some way...all cliques that formed around him were secondary to the main clique!