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Saturday, 25 October 2008

At last some good news

Walked round shops and found November's Edition of Q Magazine at the newsagent's. Mr Borrell on the front cover, lots of piccies of him and the band along with an article on his sabbatical in the Inner Hebrides and the new single and album. That'll do for me!!!!

Then went to see Dad, who is ever struggling on the Quetiapin. Horrid fucking drug that is. He could hardly get up to open the door and had to slump back on the sofa afterwards, spaced out to the max. Yes that is modern MH treatment for ya! We discussed this and he is going to cut down to 1 tablet a day. Maybe half in the morning and half later because it isn't helping him at all with his mental states and is totally screwing his physical state. I wanna shoot his shrink for being such a lazy dumb wanker. Simple as!

Anyway, this is, primarily, a good news post and the second piece of good news (for me) is that Luton Town FC have finally won a game. 2-1 away at Bury (Go on my sons). I think it is the first they have won in seven games. For a club unfairly penalised by the FA (bunch of tossers they are) and already having 18 points deducted, before they even started playing in League Two, they were on a hiding to nothing. I always listen to the match, or highlights, with Dad on a Saturday afternoon and I would love Luton to win all their games and then they and I can stick two fingers up at the FA. I know chances are slim but it would be Soooooo great.

I can spend rest of day swooning over Mr Borrell, pleased with efforts of home team, and that makes the shite a wee bit more tolerable.


  1. Hi
    Mandy, some progress any progress and pleasantry are good. Quietapin was offered to me by shrink on thursday with Fluxoetine as alternative to Depakote. Heard it can zonk you though, hope your Dad finds the reduction more manageable

    Had a nice bath, and have bar of choc and magazine for evening so should be sorted, if I can get a few hours sleep tonight would be bonus. picking up sleeping tablets on monday now I am safe to have meds again. xg

  2. Hi again Lareve

    Glad your evening is ticking along nicely. I have to confess to buying a 4 x packet of Frys Turkish Delight. I couldn't stop meself!

    Will endeavour not to eat them all in one go but making no promises :>)

    Not sure what to say about the meds. The Depakote seems the lesser of the evils but not sure by how much and for whom.

    Some people can tolerate anything (and are on multiples of all sorts)...others, like me, can't hack any of 'em..and I think Dad is similar. Perhaps that is where I get my low tolerance from but who knows eh?

    Enjoy the mag and choccy. x