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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Appointment with Neurologist.

It went well. I was at the hospital for a couple of hours. First of all it was taking down my details and lots of questions about how the migraines affect me and the other types of headaches I am getting. Then I had a physical examination. Not a complete physical but blood pressure was checked, eyes, my balance, reflexes and she listened to my heart (baddoom baddoom baddoom).

Then I was sent off with a slip of paper to x ray department for a CAT scan. I was chuffed that I had it on the day rather than coming home and having to wait possibly another month or so to have it done.

They managed to find my brain and nothing abnormal (as in physically abnormal) was evident....So I haven't got a brain tumour and that is a relief.

It is a case of how to treat the migraines, which have no physical cause. The neurologist is sending a report and suggestions of the types of anti convulsant medication that might help me, to my GP. I just hope the surgery staff don't misplace that report!!!

Have been advised to cut out caffeine and drink decaf tea...also to do relaxation techniques and exercises that work on releasing tension in the neck.

What neurologist did say was the medication I had been given by the GP was inappropriate and should only be used on rare occasions. To take it daily can make the migraines worse and more frequent. DOH!

I reflected back on all this and my life situations last night. The headaches (constant) and migraines started around May time. Nothing specific happened then but I think with Dad in hospital and seeming to be getting worse rather than better..and then discharged whilst I was in hospital and ever since then he has been in a pretty dire psyche is in some kind of overload. I have to find ways..somehow..within myself to allow personal space where I feel comfortable and can have solace (a quantom of it would be good...cue Bond Theme):

Actually, I don't like the new Bond Theme so putting up my favourite instead:


  1. Very glad all went so well and that positive solutions were made.
    If the letter doesn't arrive, you can always write to the consultant and ask for a copy of the letter to be sent to you...

  2. Glad brain yours in physically in tact hun, got to work on mentally now eh?

    Hope you have good day today and are spoilt ;)

    Wishing you and your Dad who I know is struggling decent weekend.

    Struggling puting sentences togther, tkae care

    Lareve x

  3. Hi C

    I now have an agreement with the Practise Manager at the GP Surgery to ring her rather than deal with receptionists so will contact her to find out about the letter. As in when it arrives.

    Haven't been on blogland for a few days so will check out your blog in a min x

  4. Hi Lareve

    Working on my mental state...ah, there's the rub! Ha! ha!

    I slept most of yesterday. Felt tired out and head was pounding. In spite of what the consultant said am going to use wafer things if I have to. haven't taken one yet but going to town today so will use one then. I can't be doing with migraines in town centres.

    Wonder how you are doing on Depakote..will visit blog in a while x

  5. Hi Mandy,

    Found my way over here. Glad to see you back in the blogoshere...

  6. Hi Socrates

    Have missed you :>)

    Foolish bint that I am went and lost your blog address so chuffed that you have found me and will head over later.

    Waiting for visit from Support Worker. I want to go to the Library and get some music out for me and talking books for Dad.

    Hope things are ticking along nicely for you or at least you are finding stimulating things to be doing there

    Take care