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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Devolution theories and a world slowing down!!!

Cue "Twilight Zone" theme tune!!!

Dr J (who charactateristically has forgotten what he said on the phone last night..that's drink for ya) has informed me that the world is slowing down. In itself that means naff all to me but it does mean we are all going to get an extra second today. Yes one whole second added on to this year. I don't know about you but I am busy planning what I am going to do with it.

Perhaps I should watch The Discovery Channel in perhaps I should start watching The Discovery Channel and then I would have an understanding worth having on the physical happenings of this planet (and more so why) in relation to the other goings on in the solar sytem, universe and eveyrthing else at large and out there.

Not that I trust the scientists that entities that they think exist but don't really know anything about...trying to find that little particle that might answer questions about The Big Bang only the machine (costing millions) doesn't work and may or may not cause a black hole. Is well beyond me.

I tend to try and understand things at a more basic level. Like when a friend rings me because somoene she took into her home and tried to help has beaten her up and Dr J asking me why there has to be loneliness in this world. Those things, I can relate to....I can see and understand kindness and hurt..the variety of situations and emotions people have and more so that vulnerable people are seeming to be becoming more vulnerable. I can comprehend that and although I can't make things better or suddenly conjure up a more caring society...human need and emotions are more important to me than things that I cannot see, feel or are not making things better in the here and now.

And as I have yet to get dressed and have spent the morning on the computer or phone, I actually don't think one extra second is such a big deal to me, after all.


  1. One second too many in my opinion. Maybe ok if I could pick the second- you know say that is going to be a fun second or a happy second. Instead of one of those really long painstaking, clock watching ones.

  2. One extra second means I can fit in one extra profanity when thinking about the NHS MH services :)
    I'm not bitter. Perhaps I will spend that extra second smiling that I escaped them!!!
    Happy New Year Mandy. 2009 has to be better than 2008

    Lola x

  3. Re your comment: I suggest we have a new X Factor, call it the Pucker Factor, and the challenges are not singing songs, but kissing the round fat arses of a selection of music industry big boys like Simon Cowell.

    Actually let's call it the Arse Factor....

  4. Hi Lareve

    I hope your 2009 brings more calm and less storms for you.

    Big hugs xxx

  5. Hi Lola

    Hope your 2009 means good riddance to naff labels, better night's sleep and some fun


  6. Hi DeeDee

    I am liking the idea of 'Arse Factor'. I think Simon Cowell would spend his time kissing Cheryl Cole's backside and she would cry all the more.