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Friday, 26 December 2008

Goodbye Ms Kitt

Am getting in a pickle about how to start this posting so I shall say it how it comes. I liked Eartha Kitt. She was out of the box, unconventionally attractive, witty and spikey.

I don't know an awful lot about her and I think that is because she kept quite a bit to herself. What I do know is that her upbringing caused her distress (cos she said so). In one of her last interviews, which I was lucky enough to see, she spoke of the years trying to find out who her mother was and how she had finally found her birth certificate, with her mother's name on it but not her father's.

Many men adored her including Nat King Cole. That affair comes across as more sad than happy (he was married with children)...... And many women (and me) fell in love with her too. I am always drawn to the outsider, especially when they have an unusual or rare talent.

I can't wrap this posting up neatly or with much insight, because I think there is more unknown about Eartha Kitt than will ever be known but that is no bad thing. The mystery, for me, is as fascinating as what I knew of her.


  1. Eartha Kitt, an enigmatic figure.
    What an unusal voice. One of my Dad's favourites and she became one of mine thanks to him.Along with Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and the other great musicians of his youth.
    And then you mention Nat King Cole what a piano player and singer.

    AND we now have the X-Factor...HA (spit)
    All the best for the New Year, hope you can join me in that "cup of tea" (knowing look)

  2. I remember reading that she was of mixed racial heritage, and so both black and white people treated her badly as a kid and referred to her as the 'little yellergrl'.

    She eventually kicked all their asses mind you.

  3. Hi MD

    Both my parents were Eartha Kitt fans. My Dad loved her playing Catwoman in the Batman series.

    Am happy to join you in that cup of tea. In fact I think it should be tea all round :>)

  4. Hi DeeDee

    She did kick their asses and that is another reason I admired her.

    You don't get many Eartha's to the pound and especially not in a recession. :>)

  5. Although not an avid fan, I was lucky enough to see Eartha Kitt perform live twice. The last time was round about 1990, when she was in her 60's. She was a star attraction on a Julian Cleary show and not only sang very well, but also, wearing a full-length dress with thigh-high side splits, exposed extremely shapely legs. You can see a similar dress on her website. I also remember her rather dry sense of humour.

    I didn't know anything about her background, so thank you for giving me the incentive to check it out. It's always encouraging to learn of another person who has beaten the system.

  6. Hi Robert

    Eartha certainly had an amazing figure. In the last interview I saw, which was not long back, she was still stunning and could raise her leg above her head. Not bad going for a woman in her eightees. I would be pushed to raise my leg to my waist!!! I think it is about time i started doing yoga again :>)

    Hope you and your family had an enjoyable crimbo. I need to catch up on blogland. It has been limbo city here.