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Monday, 15 December 2008

All I Want For Christmas

Is Lorazepam!!! and thanks to an understanding Shrinky Dink that is what I am going to get.

Dr J and I travelled to Leighton Buzzard and back on the thanks Dr J for being there for me. Especially as he is the only one that was.

I was quite mellow throughout. We arrived early so I took us for a nice lunch in one of the cafes. I also picked up a digital camera for £4 at one of the charity shops.

I have this notion in my head of trying out a trifle recipe (as shown on the 'This Morning' programme) and want to take piccies as I do, with a hope to creating something that looks as good as it tastes and tastes even better. Yes viewers you could well be sharing my culinary caper.

The meeting went fine, although when my care co-ordinator was contacted she was still stuck in Dunstable and hoped to make it back in time....she didn't. No disrespect to her but that was no loss for me, as I my No 1 prioritiy was getting an agreement about lorazepam that works for me. I got some real understanding from my consultant about the situation, the history and the time of year and how that affects me.

So, am much more at ease now. Not fretting about having to struggle on with pathetic amounts of sedation at my worst time of year.

We have agreed to review this in which time, I expect Dad to either have made some kind of progress with himself (not sure how much that will be aided by MH services or hindered) or for services and him to have plans for a more appropriate long term care provision. Sure I would like to be involved in that..or kept informed but I want to pass the responsiblity for those decisions back to where they really should be made. I know if ever there was wishful thinking that was it!!!

Now, I am going to veg out watching some quality and some duff murder msyteries on the Alibi channel.


  1. Hi Mandy
    Glad shrink has agreed the Lozes is lesser of 2 evils at the moment, and hopefully that has given you some relief. I know it doesn't solve everything but means you can trudge on and hope for better days. I am hoping for them for you too, and for your Dad,a nd if there's any spare I wouldn;t mind a few too.
    Take Care
    Lareve x

  2. I remember the Shrink on Lake Cocytus, sometime ago wrote about several patients who had been taking tranks for ages and were under pressure to stop.

    After much cerebral musing, he came to the conclusion, that they weren't going to come to any real harm, and continued to prescribe away.

    Oh, sensible, sensible Shrink. I do hope he returns to the blogosphere soon.

    b.t.w. our local Trust's website at appears to be seriously off-line.

    Do you think it's anything to do with user groups leaving messages for the staff along the lines of "please be nice to us...after all, we're the reason you have a job..."?

  3. Hi Lareve

    If I get a supply of good days will deffo send some your way


  4. FTW

    I remember that particular posting by Lake Cocytus.

    Looking at this rationally....when you check out the serious side effects that go with taking most shrinky drugs the fact that the only evident neggy side effect of sedatives is that they are addictive, I don't think that is so bad. Also, I don't see people suddenly becoming so much better having taken shrinky meds.

    I see some people cope better for taking shrinky meds...but I also see that many don't get hardly any pozzie effects at all.

    I don't care that I am addicted to lorazapam. I do care that long term I might have to take more but as my focus is living in the now and getting by, I think I have the best of some very bad deals.

    As for your local Trust's website could well be because some people are asking pertinent questions rather than saying how damn marvellous everything the Trust does is fabulous.

    My view is for people to keep asking them questions, whenever and however they get the chance to. :>)