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Monday, 29 December 2008

Midwinter and all that

Was it freezing last night or what? I had the heating on and was still cold. Ironically, as I started to write this, Suki jumped up on the window sill and demanded to be let out. Cheers honey!

I guess the positive is that we have had the longest day and so we are heading towards the light..well more of it.

Not much of anything worth writing has been going on. Am just glad I got through the last week and without any additional trauma.

I did get to Woolworth's last day. That was a bit sad...I saw it as a reflection of how things are likely to be in this recession. More businesses going to the wall whilst people pick away at the carcasses. I can't say that I have any loyalty to a particular shop or branch of shops. Business is what business does (and it isn't all hearts and flowers) but I feel more for the type of people that will be seen at these closing down sales. The poorer end of society. And okay so things at really cheap prices are good for those of us on pathetically low incomes but times are not going to get easier for the poor. In fact if we look at history, it is always the poorest that have suffered in recession times. Then again the poorest suffered at the height of the British Industrial Revolution. Perhaps the poorest are damned whatever. Certainly, this Labour Government have done me and my father no favours whatsover and my daughter has had to take on ridiculous debt to continue her education. Yes, she has had opportunities but not without a big price to pay for them.

Anyway, this is part of a much deeper ideology I have which will take up more than one little posting.

Interesting that the government's latest thinking about the poor is that they no longer wish to offer them interest free loans and new applicants for disablity benefits are being turned down (or so my care co-ordinator tells me). When the going gets tough then the tough get brutal! Darwin's survival of the fittest at its worst!

If i think too much about this will have a downer for the rest of the day. So going to look at positives. Well things I can or am endeavouring to do.

Firstly, I have written a letter to the financial director at the local council. Raising concerns regarding the amounts of paperwork and waffle that they send and also to ask for a repayment shedule that is achievable. Like £5 per week!!!!

I got a letter from my MP, who has written to the CEO of the Trust about my father's care. I am going to try and organise a meeting with MP, as this situation cannot continue indefinately. Dad's brother rang this morning and was in quite a state. I was like "Am doing the best I can here but is only me and I am fighting within a system that mostly doesn't care". He hasn't got a passport (it ran out) but I think he is considering getting a new one. Until such time, is down to me and I haven't got the answers!!! Just keep searching for something better in amongst the not much of anything there is.

In another search I came across the local activities timetable and the Seventh Day Adventists are running free evening courses which are open to all. I wanted to do French. Was my favourite subject at school. I rang the number and was told the tutor was on pregnancy leave but that they are trying to get a new tutor and will let me know when the course starts. Something postive to look forward to and in a minute Hayley will be here for card making and chats.

And now is time to get dressed and make myself a strong cup of tea.


  1. Glad you survived last week.

    Politics interests me in as much that I get so frustrated & irritated by this current government.They promised so much in 97 & have delivered so little.They are screwing the poor which totally goes against what they originally stood for.I am not convinced any other party would make good in the current economic climate either.But then I have never supported Labour, ever !It'd be great to gather all the positives from each political party to make one big acceptable one, but that just couldn't happen.
    As for Woolworths we saw the one in Bury St Edmunds was closed & was selling off fixtures & fittings today.Our own one in town is due to close on 5th Jan, which surprises me.Would've thought it'd close sooner, but guess it's still got a lot of stock.I did pop in there Wednesday, but to be honest I thought it was a waste of time - not that I was looking for anything.I feel sad that it's closing - next year would've seen the company trading for a century, alas it was not to be.That's enough nostalgia from me.
    Take care
    Love Sis xxx

  2. Hi Mandy
    Glad to see you posting, and surviving the festive week. It is sad that the poor are in for the brunt of this recession, it is the way- the government overspends bailing out banks and such and trys to claw back money from those who can least afford it, like yourself. I just hope I'm not given p45 on return to work, as wouldn't like to be bidding for incapacity with their new targets. Anywat take care there and I do hope your uncle gets over here to give you some needed respite.
    Lareve x

  3. I hope that the letter is the size of the yellow pages and weighs about the same, that would teach 'em. Glad to hear that you are ok.

    Lola x

  4. Good to read your blog - as always! Good Luck with the French!

  5. Good to hear the positives. Admire you in your battles. Me? I'll keep plugging away in the blog, but am glad not to have contact with BLPT any more!

  6. Hi Sis

    Politics isn't just a dirty word, it is a dirty world.

    In the past I have been told I should become a local councillor.....most probably because I always have so much to say. Ha! but I know that I wouldn't last very long because the tide is against anyone who genuinely wants to make a positive difference. It is all about status quo's and working for the Man. The Man, he is one bit shit and seems to be everywhere and nowhere you can actually get to him.

    so it is back to me armchair ranting. :>)


  7. Hi Lareve

    Waiting to find out if you are going to be handed a P45 or not is fekk all fun.

    I think the reason why disabled people (particularly the mentally ill) are no longer getting benefits when they apply is because the Government has to pay Jobseekers Allowance to those, like the Woolies workers, who find themselves without a place of work. It is harsh as but this is the reality of a recession.

    Based on this, I am keeping everything crossed that you remain in employment, although I think your employer isn't acting with any integrity in regards to you. Again, in a recession, the last thing and employer is going to worry about is keeping employees who have or have had MH problems and the last thing the law is going to do is fight for disabled people when so many people without disabilities are going to be without jobs.

    And I don't consider myself out of the danger zone because I have been classified as bipolar and out of work for 5 years. Come my reassessment for benefits, I think I will be refused on the grounds that I am the lumpen proletariate. Although would like to see the DWP find me a job I can maintain. What with the ever growing unemployment figures!

    and a Happy New Year...Ha!


  8. Hi Lola,

    Perhaps I should have photocopied all the paperwork that has been sent to me and tippexed out certain sections and asked the Director if they could fill them in.

    Could also suggest it be made part of a test for local government interviewees.


  9. Hi Pebbles

    Glad to see you about blogland too xx

  10. Hi C

    Thanks but would willingly swap admiration for a system that was more caring.

    I don't blame you avoiding BLPT. All you got was grief and now I hope that disconnecting from them means you are happier in yourself and focussing on things that are better for you. :>)

  11. Quand j'était à l'ecole, j'amiat apprendre à parler français aussi!

    I am disillusioned at how the Labour government has failed to make a substantial difference to the ordinary guy's life. But then, when I think how the Tories might have treated us, I'm glad that Labour is still there. Still, it's only the least bad party to support...none of them are much good.

    About your dad, is there no ONE PERSON who can help you with his benefits & care entitlements? I finally got a good social worker to help me with my lad's problems. She did all the leg work. Saved me LOADS of time & hassle.

    A bientôt!

  12. Oh Robert

    If only!!!

    Although was pleasantly surprised when Dad told me his care co-ordinator made an impromptu visit to him today. That seemed to cheer him a bit and me too.

    Locally, MH staff have refused to get involved in anything to do with benefits. Certainly the team my Dad is under used to send people off to the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

    Not sure what they do now but I think Dad's benefits are in order. Not that I necessarily know exactly what he is entitled to. Is food for thought so I might take your prompt to ask his care co-ordinator if Dad is receiving everything he is entitled to. That is if they know what he is entitled to.

    As for Social Workers...I am not even sure that in Bedfordshire they have any links to MH services.

    Certainly when I have contacted Social Services they have refused to even see Dad, let alone assess him.

    How crap is that?

    I think it might be a case of never the twain shall meet and that is the way they like to keep things. Another naff status quo...unlike a naff Status Quo song (like their latest effort) :>)

    Bon nuit

  13. hi Mandy
    What you say is true. And yes, I believe I am better off without their "input" on the whole. Was different when I had the input from my previous care coordinator (before she moved on) and from the psychologist. But waiting for help and then not having it appear, even tho it is promised - that is quite frankly soul destroying for me. If I didn't have my current counsellor, I think it would be different - just wish I wasn't having to struggle to find money to pay privately.

  14. Hi C

    It really shouldn't have to be the case that someone being comfortable and satisfied with their care should be reliant on one person. In your case a care co-ordinator, you trusted, who then left the team you were under and then you were left in a horrible limbo.

    But so often it is the case that it is the one good apple (which goes missing from the cart)...and after that everything turns to mush!!!

    Although I am fundamentally against private care..on the grounds that poor people can't access it...I understand that if funds are available (and for as long as) then when the existing services aren't providing a decent service people are going to go elsewhere.

    That is why I would love to see the day when people (on any income) get individual budgets and can then make real choices about care they get and from where.

  15. Robert,

    I doubt that the Tories would have treated the poor worse because at least the people would have known where they stood.

  16. Sadly, Mandy, you are right about politics. My dad was very active and on the local council as an independent (thiswas in Ireland) for years. Although he and I have our differences he is a very effective rep for the little guy and does care. But the little s****s on the various committees used to conspire against him so getting anything done took a mountain of stress and strain.

  17. Hi DeeDee

    Good on your Dad for getting in there and having a go.

    If more people were like him then politics wouldn't be as corrupt as it is.

  18. Norm,

    I hated the Tories, particularly under Thatcher but I have to say that without some help from my MP (who is Tory) and actually his continued concern in regards to my father's and my on going struggles...I doubt the local Trust would give me the time of day.

    I don't think a Labour MP would have wanted to question what is going on in an organisation they have strived to make so inept!