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Monday, 8 December 2008

Friday 9 December 1988 - A very special Day

It was the day my daughter was born and at 13 minutes past 1, tomorrow afternoon, she will be exactly 20 years old.

I have had the pleasure of spending the day and evening with Em. We met in town and padded around the shops. It was nice to buy a few treats for her that she spotted, as extra birthday pressies. We then had lunch in one of the cafes, which served the most divine hot chocolate and went to Wilko's and got a cheap crimbo tree and lights (total cost of £4.30). Have sent the dodgy snowman tree, with the fibre optics that don't work, to a skip. Okay so it will become ground fill but Dr J couldn't fix it and I couldn't stomach looking at it any longer.

Back home she opened her presents and was chuffed with the fairy card I made her..even though, dumb fuck that I am, I forgot to write inside it. I managed to get her a Smith's album on vinyl (Strangeways Here We Come). Not the easiest thing to find but she wanted Smith's vinyl and I am hoping between us she can build up a collection of all their albums on vinyl. What a to die for collection that will be.

After we decorated the tree, and Em put some false nails on (which turned out to be a bit of a drama because the nails seemed to stick to everything but her existing nails), we popped round to Dad's and spent a few hours with him before her fella turned up. Stayed a while longer and then headed back to mine for a Chinese meal. I did offer Dad to join us or that we could all eat the meal at his but he said we would rather not. Shame that but his choice.

So we ordered this mega feast and it was duly eaten as we chatted, then the pair headed off (after hugs).

In spite of my underlying wobblyness, I had a great time. I think it has been the first day in as long as I can remember that Em and me have been down town together, just us, padding about and enjoying ourselves.

Wishing my daughter, the light of my life, a very Happy 20th Birthday. What a babe!!!! X


  1. I've got 5 grown-up kids and some days just spending a bit of time with them makes all the crap that life throws at you worth it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Em, and hugs to you, am off to work. x

  3. Hi Robert

    Yes it does and doing something positive with daughter always helps.

    Have a local resolution meeting today with MH Trust and the advocate didn't bother to get back to me to arrange the pre meeting meeting between us. Not sure whether to chase him up or turn up for the resolution meeting and do my own thing. From here, that is seeming the best idea.

    Liked the winter seaside pictures on your blog. Being wrapped up, wearing welly-gogs and padding about a beach is looking like quality time to me. :>)

  4. Thanks Lareve

    Posted on your blog and hoping work goes well for you x

  5. That sounds like you had a really lovely time.Here's to the next 20 years !

  6. Hi Sis

    We did have a lovely time.

    Resolution meeting went quite well really and will do a blog post about that. Maybe tomorrow.

    I think I have your manflu..or is it Mandflu?

    Take care there xx

  7. Oh god Mandy you crack me up !! 'Mandflu' sounds awful !!

    I have also spotted some interesting Word Verifications on here, layed' & 'saegofet' for starters.