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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

The Christmas Spirit - Hmmm

With things winding up or down towards the big day (depending on where people are at and what they have planned), don't want to go too deep into much of anything but whilst hunting for some relevant piccies to send to friends, I came across the above. That kinda covers what 2008 has meant to me. Not that I am a great believer in a New Year = a new dawn for man(dy)....Although I am sure Dawn is a very nice girl!

My plans are to bunker down and comfort eat my way through it all.

Having visited Mum's plot and funkied up her headstone (which is all I need and want to share of that time), I left Dr J to his own devises (ie heading off to the pub) and went walkabouts around town.

Checked out Woolies because I wanted to buy a santa hat. Don't ask me why..I wasn't even sure why, myself. It was an impulse. Managed to get said hat and spotted a bargain bucket (well wire box) and it had masses of cds, dvds and console games for £1 because they didn't have the original covers. That is my kind of sale!!! I bought The Foo Fighters, Van Morrison, Blondie and Maroon 5 cds, The Core and Pocahontas double editions on DVD (planning to have my own kind of Crimbo on Christmas Eve and that involves plenty of Disney singalongs) and The Sims Platinum game for PS2 for Em. Not bad booty for £7. I also picked up a Maeve Binchy hardback at a second hand shop. That will be my Crimbo read. There are times for complex thriller syle plots with even more complex characters but there are times (like now) where I need the comfort of Ms Binchy's slightly quirky but safe characters and a plot that you know will have a happy ending.

So apart from the reading, music, Disney singalong not much else to write about.

I am going to Midnight Mass with Em on Christmas Eve Eve. Not because am hoping to find God (although if he/she/it finds me, I won't be too put out..I just can't see it happening, as neither of us seem to have a great sense of direction). I want to spend precious time with Em and share with her something that is very important to her. I also fancy another singalong to the carols. Must remember to hunt out my thermal vest and ear muffs.

And as I began this posting with a cynic's take on the festive farce...I mean season...shall end it with a bit of warm and fluffy (Looks like the doggy managed to get to the Woolies sale too)

Whatever you do over Christmas, stay safe and look after yourselves best as you can.


  1. Mandy,

    Do have a very Merry Christmas. I've assured I will as I have two gallons of homemade rhubarb wine to get me through it but I do need to be a bit careful as the police have threatened to confiscate the lot if there is a repetition of what happened last year. The new inspector bright asian laddie, is very much zero tolerance, old Tom Masters used to run the local force from his nook in The Mulberyy Bush pub - sadly now an abandoned estate agents - and he was also the best fly fisherman in these parts. Gone are those days!

    But the police are a rum lot nowadays arent they. That top copper in the mail is a one, complaining that he had to move his family. I dont know, doesnt exactly send out the right message to witnesses does it? You dont worry about giving evidence about the mob but we'll move the chief inspector to a secret location because he's scared someone might find out where they live. Old Tom would simply have said ' Do the wife in - chance would be a bloody fine thing!'. Mavis outlived him though and went off to live with her long term fancy man in Eastbourne.

    I got David's present yesterday, in fact I had to pay the postage as he miscalculated on the stamps. It was a pair of driving gloves . I dont drive but its the thought that counts, I'll find someone with small hands to give them too and take of the poundstretcher sticker.
    Recycle all I say. Never waste. He'll most likely pick up his presents in the New Year .

    My care worker was supposed to call round yesterday I waited in but she didnt show up. I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

    I also received a letter from the bailiffs. Its an eviction notice for the 3rd of January . I tried to get hold of the solicitors but they are closed until the 4th. I phoned up the Mind people but they just have an endless Christmas Carol playing on their ansaphone. in desperation I cycled over to St Mathews to ask the vicar for advice but he simply said it wasnt church business and he couldnt give me any time as he has the decorations to put up and one of the shepherds in the nativity scene was missing a crook.

    I am going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve too. I like the company plus I've been asked to play out the congregation as the regular organist wants to leave with her family. George the sexton has also asked me if I can hang around after he has secured the collection and make sure everyone else has left and then lock up. I'm glad to be of help, St Mathews has such a sense of community.

    Old Tom Masters used to be on his bike outside the church every Christmas Eve , deep snow or not, to wish everyone the best and see that all the old folk got home. He'd have the poachers leave a little something for those 'dependent on the parish' as they used to say , too. Aye, life has changed a bit, still mustnt grumble as life's a bit of a game fish.

    Happy Happies All.

  2. Nice doggie picture, loved the pigeon cartoon aswell.I am avoiding Woolies at all costs, cos I'd imagine by now all stock has been stripped from ours (it's a small town with matching mentality !)
    Nice word verification today on here 'gedlum' or should that be bedlam ?
    Take care
    Sis x

  3. Hi Wallace.

    Ha! A veritable array of stuff is on display at your Old Curiosity Shop. So do your mac up, please!!!

    What a thoughtful son you have. Perhaps the driving gloves were meant for his wife (he has kept the perfume and jewellery for the mistress).

    yep your care co-ordinator had to re-prioritise and the office do at the local pub took priority. She could have at least invited you along for another of them free lunches :>)

    Am surprised Mind didn't have a message at the end of the carol, asking for a donation. Such essential work they do (for themselves)..someone has to keep them going!!

    As for being evicted. You have your religeon...God might take pity on you and find a stable (or shed) for you to squat in until such time as..whatever happens.

    Keep the faith my good man and remember things could get much worse and they probably will but you'll be alright. Old bonds never die and the regiment should be along to rescue you any moment.

    Game fish, gutted trout..all the same thing when you get right down to it.

    And now we shall all sing "God rest ye merry gentlement"

  4. Gedlum, Sis

    I think it is time for a gottle of gear. Wallace looks like he could do with one (or several).


  5. Hi Mandy
    Hope you ahve a lovely christmas will get round to mailing you before anyways. Hope last few days winding down have been ok.