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Friday, 19 December 2008

Geraline for Christmas No 1 Spot

At the weekend I saw Peter Kaye's spoof reality tv show. Thought it was brilliant. Better than the real thing. Not that I watch that many but love 'Strictly Come Ponced up in Fancy Dresses'.

Anyway, for anyone who didn't see it worth a watch and I think this should top the Crimbo charts. Yep it is cheesey as and nauseatingly catchy but the money from sales goes to the NSPCC instead of into the ever bulging accounts of pappy pop producers like Simon Cowell.


  1. It WAS a brilliant spoof show! Makes you realise how dumb the real show is! Ben Elton wrote a book which is also a spoof on X-factor. V funny and v clever. I forget the title, but i can find out for you if you want.

  2. Hi Robert

    Haven't forgiven Mr Elton for that Queen Tribute show yet.

    But as it is time for good spirits, I reckon I might like to read that book.

    So,yes please if you can hunt out the title for me. :>)