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Thursday, 11 December 2008

Dearly Beloveds...Today's Lesson is all about relying on people

I didn't get a call from Dad's CMHT manager yesterday and nor have I had a call from them, so far, today. There is still a few hours before they clock off so am going to be objective and say that they might contact me in the next few hours.

If they don't then I will be putting my views on that, and the need for an urgent review of Dad's medication, in writing...with a copy to the MP.

I had arranged to go to town with a friend this morning but when the time came, they rang me to say that the repairs on their car were going to go on well into the afternoon. Not their fault but I was relying on them to get me to town.

I braced myself, dropped half a loz and walked to town. Rang another friend for reassurance and just hearing their voice helped. I didn't feel so alone and lost. I did what I had to do and went to Woolies, in search of some bargains. Big notices on the windows saying "Most Stock 50% Off! The 2 aisles I was interested in were music and books. A massive 10% discount was offered on the music and 20% on books. If that is the best that Woolies can do, no wonder they are going under.

I am sad to see such a high profile chain disappear but when people can get cheaper goods in other shops or on the internet (and certainly when there is a recession on) is no wonder Woolies couldn't compete. Their prices were too high in comparison and still were for me today.

So I taxi'd home. I couldn't stomach waiting around for a bus.

You may be thinking that the CMHT manager might have rang whilst I was out. They didn't, I checked my answerphone and no messages were left...I also checked the last number that called me and it was at 9.00 am and a friend.

So today's lesson is that there are very few (sometimes no) people you can rely on and ultimately you have to rely on yourself...and when you are struggling or, as many are right now, going under....even those whose paid responsibility it is to help you are busy doing other things (not sure quite what but I would assume making themselves appear very busy).


  1. Oh dear...

    No surprise sadly - in my experience BLPT are not noted for doing the things they promose to do - but I am sorry for the impact this is having on you and on your Dad.

    Be gentle with yourself.

  2. Thanks C

    I got a call from the manager around 4.30. Hoorah!

    Could it be coincidence that Dad was getting a call from his care co-ordinator around about the same time?

    Anyway, the good news is that Dad is having a medication review with the shrinky dink and relevant others in the Community Mental Health Team on Tuesday. I have agreed to go with him. I need to know what is going on although want Dad to make the decisions for himself in conjunction with the team.

    And now I can exhale and go off for me pamperings.