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Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Dog's Glorious Bits of Ballroom

In a weekend that I hope will sink (as in into the anals of my psyche) quicker than the Titanic, Tom Chamber's show dance has to be one of the best dances I have seen and that includes all the past 'Strictly' series as well.

I love dancing and whenever I get the buzz and energy to go with it, makes life more worth the living.

I even confess to being excited and enthralled when I watched it and that took some doing, I can tell ya!

It kinda served to remind me that people can do things...wonderful things..and the art of learning a new art is not an insummountable task. Gave me a bit of hope that all is not lost to me. Not yet. If I can go with my feelings tomorrow and then survive Crimbo...Ho hum.

Anyway, before I slip back into the bottomless well that is melancholia..time for some action.


  1. thanks for posting the youtube video of the show dance

  2. I love dancing,and could watch people dancing for hours. Granted, my own dancing is shocking by comparison but when I feel like dancing real dancing is my best form of distraction.

  3. Hi folks

    Glad you appreciated it.

    Ditto on the dancing front Lareve. I bring a a whole new meaning to the term 'freestyle'. :>)

    Hi DeeDee

    What was so fab about Tom was that he was kinda straggling behind the other finalists right up until the show dance and then he went and kicked arse. Game on!