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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

There's a waiter in my wardrobe

I was going to put that comment in Marine Snow's latest posting, only for some reason..most likley something technical that I am clueless about.... couldn't access the appropriate blog posting.

I could easily have gone for "There's a fly in my ointment" or "Why am I being served soup at 55 minutes past midnight?". Or "Fekk the soup, at these prices, just give me the bill now!"

Sorry Lola. Will try harder next time x


  1. On decent music this is a good freebie and they are worth listening to when seriously pissed off.

  2. Hello. I had a bit of a publish-unpublish-republish moment, where I couldn't decide just how coherent my writing was!!!

    Seems at least you understood so I have republished! Thanks for the mention.

    Lola x