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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Maybe a little progress has been made

Went with Dad to his meds review meeting this morning.

Don't want to come across too optimistic. That wouldn't be me but got some sense from the shrinky dink. He didn't want to take Dad off of his anti-depressant because it is one of the SSRI groups and, in spite of what the Pharma's have to say, it can be addictive and there is growing evidence that people suffer mega problems when coming off them.

Not good if you are depressed and your anti depressant is no longer effective!!!

The compromise is trying Dad on a different anti-psychotic. The shrink's theory is that on a very low dose it might alleviate certain symptoms and help with the depression.

I am ever cynical of meds but, when the shit has not only hit the fan but it is sprawled all over the place, am aware that there are times when trying something new is better than doing nothing at all.

I said very little during the meeting...deliberately, I wanted Dad to say how he feels and what he sees as the problems and Dad was vocal enough to give a pretty clear picture of how awful he is feeling.

After we came out with the prescription, I took it down to the office and asked if the secretary could pass it on to his support worker to pick up for him. Was agreed and so he should get the new meds on Friday.

We taxi'd back together and went to the local shops where I got some stamps and posted Dad's cards for him, whilst he did some shopping.

He gave me a hug and told me I was lovely. I was quite overcome really. I am pretty loyal and do my best but lovely I ain't. Still, was nice to be appreciated...particularly as I know he finds most interaction difficult.

Said I would buzz him later and then tootled back to my pad.

Have got a cold but is not affecting my mental state. Feel pretty achey and tired and am working my way through a large box of kleenex tissues but apart from that am okay.

No plans for the rest of the day except resting.


  1. I'll second the medication cynicism, but yes sometimes it definitely can boil down to any port in a storm. I really hope these do the trick, or at least take the edge off for him.

    Hope your cold goes soon, and that you don't run out of kleenex!

    Lola x

  2. Glad that the appointment went well & hope you get over your cold soon.
    Love Sis x

  3. Hi Lola hoping the meds do something more than nothing for Dad.

    Sometimes, it is the hope that the meds might do something (good) that we cling on to.


    P.S. If Santa isn't able to leave me a blank cheque then £20 quid will do. Is like that game they play

    You want....You would settle for and then there's what you actually get :>)

  4. Hi Sis

    Have been curled up in bed watching movies on TCM.

    Bored with the cold virus already. Ha!