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Thursday, 1 January 2009

We went to party

Cinderella got to the ball and wearing a posh frock too!

Em, her fella and best friend came with me to the New Year's Eve do at the local pub (which is well within crawling distance).

I didn't feel like the token old fart, in fact being amongst young people played to my fun side. Yep, I danced. That was great to be dancing amongst other people for a change.

Was a great buffet too with 4 lots of desserts. I had the Death By Chocolate which was pretty close to divine.

I didn't drink although I did dip my finger in the remnants of Em's Sambuka (very nice too..I like aniseed)and although the youngsters did knock some back none of them got legless which meant we could all walk home (without fallings over or deviations).

Just before we left, there was a fireworks display, which we watched from the window. That seemed to be the perfect ending to a great night out.

Back to dancing. I was pretty much dancing to anything but drew the line at "Oops Upside Your Head"....deffo not a dance for a posh frock. I did attempt to dance to this..which was novel:

Now it is 2009. I haven't much to say about it except I hope everyone gets the kind of year they need.


  1. Happy New Year Mandy, I like to think of it as a new start, I don;t think anything has changed but surely good time to try that bit harer or something.

    glad your New Years Eve went well, I had the guests over - ever the party pleaser and it went ok. Mostly relieved to package 2008 and all its shit away.

  2. Thanks Lareve

    Glad to read that last night wasn't too much stress for you. I hope you are getting time to relax there and recharge your batteries.

    I don't know about trying harder honey, I think you need to be kinder to you but then what do I know really. We have to find our own ways through but I am here, as ever, should you feel need to let out (in any way) xx

  3. Hi Mandy glad you had a good time at the party.No worries about your comment on my blog with the 'oops'.It was just me getting things off me large chest !!

    Love & hugs
    Sis xxx

  4. Happy new Year! and of course Happy Hogmanay! Glad you had a good one.

  5. Hi Sis

    We all need to get stuff off our chest honey

    Love and hugs to you too xx

  6. Thanks Deedee

    And all the best for this new year to you x

  7. Thanks D

    Hoping you, along with others suffering lack of or erratic sleep, manage to get some quality kip in :>)

  8. Cor loving the sleek sophisticated look Mandy !!