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Thursday, 11 December 2008

It gets worse but thanks to someone special it gets better

It got worse when I opened up the statement from my credit card supplier.

2 transactions have taken place. I am going to name the companies here. ClubPremiere and VP Rewards. These companies (both with the same telephone number) deducted £9.95 from my account.

These transactions took place without my consent and when I rang the credit card supplier, saying that I did not authorise these payments they told me to ring the companies. I got one of those speaking options things. I tried putting in my details but the machine kept saying it could not identify the details. Well the company fekkin well identified my card number from somewhere, well enough to take money from the account!!!!

I did however, get a final option to email both companies.

I rang the local police station and explained what had happened. They said, it definately sounds like fraud and alot of this sort of thing is going on. They gave me a reference number and told me to put that in the emails I sent to the companies with confirmation that I had not willingly subscribed to anything and want my subscription stopped. They also advised me to contact my credit card supplier and ask for a new card with a new number.

I duly did this but the customer service person said that would not automatically stop payments going though. I said I had e:mailed both companies confirming I wanted subscriptions cancelled as of today. That may not stop the companies getting money from my account though. Not until next month's statement, will I know whether or not the companies have continued to take money from my account. Only then, and if the companies are still taking money (unauthorised by me) can I send the copies of the e:mails to the credit card supplier who will then act on them. So, at present I am paying back money to my credit card supplier for monies deducted that I did not authorise.

I rang back the police and said I thought that was unfair. The constable agreed but said if that is your credit card supplier's policy it has to be followed.

I sense that this scam is being run from some room somewhere and even the email addresses I have been given are a scam so is likely that more money will be deducted from my account next month.

At which point, I will be writing a letter to my credit card company saying I want all payments made to this company reimbursed and that I feel there has been a level of coersion from the credit card company in this scam.

Then it got better. As in I received a parcel and when I opened it, it was packed with lovely surprises. I got some soothing slumber smellies, A thai spa scented pillow, a diary (which is essential because I never know from one day to the next what I am supposed to be doing) and some Turkish Delight. How amazing, kind and thoughtful. I won't embarass the person by naming them but they can rest assured that all will be put to very good use and I am cock a hoot full of fluffiness and if they were here right now I would give them a massive hug. They have made my day :>)



  1. flippin' heck!!! so there ARE nice people about.
    ...........stands waiting at door for surprise festive beer delivery..................

    I dont like credit cards after the sh*t they gave me at the start of my probs so when the Halifax asked me, when I was at the tills, if I wanted one I said, loudly.

    My wife has just had her credit card stolen (gasps from in front and behind the glass)...pause...
    But I won't report it stolen .....(pause again for effect until you think all are listening ...and then) ..... because the thief is spending less than the wife.

    That is the REAL reason why I was called the Mad Dentist AND not because of what they have turned me into.

  2. Ha! Ha! MD

    You pulled me in..hook, line and sinker.

    Hadn't heard that one before.

    As for the beer delivery. I could stretch to a can of Special Brew.


  3. Hi Mandy

    Sorry, didn;t reply til now, preoccupied as you know. Really sorry about the credit card thing- it is the last thing you needed. Glad the parcel cheered you up- and the presents were appropriate.
    Take Care

  4. Sorry to hear yet more crap news.Hope the credit card company pulls it's finger out.But know full well what it's like.Is nice that you got that parcel though.
    Take care
    Love Sis xxx

  5. Thanks folks

    Is one of them days when I feel that if I haven't got anything relevant to say then is best not.

    Some days you can feel like utter shit but not want to go into the ins and outs. So am lying low here


  6. Hope this helps -
    1. you don't have to pay your credit card company for any transactions which you believe to be fraudulent.

    2. you can stop any further payments to these accounts, by simply contacting your credit card compant & telling them to refuse to pay anything to those accounts.

    If your cc co. gives you any trouble, contact the Citizens' Advice Bureau.

    If you suspect that these companies are dodgey, contact your local council's trading standards dept.

    Good luck!

  7. Hi Robert

    Thanks. The problem is the credit card company have said that I have to wait until the companies (both of which are part of the same umbrella company) take another lot of money (which will mean I won't get to know that till next month's statement). Then I can send copies of emails on to credit card company..the ones in which I have written that I wish to de-register for whatever if is I have been registered for (without consent).

    At that point, the credit card company will take action. Hmmm

    The police have said that if the credit card company don't take action then, they will deal with it (as a fraud case). Possibly some buck passing going on.

    My dispute is now with the credit card company over their policy on dealing with fraudulent activity.

    I might well try Trading Standards...see if anyone, apart from me, is taking this situation seriously.

    Nothing is ever easy...apart from fraudsters getting access to other people's money!!