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Friday, 19 December 2008

6 more lots of paperwork from the local council

I attempted to make sense of it but by page 3 of the first lot of paperwork was getting a nosebleed.

Rang the council offices and asked to speak to the Financial Director. I explained that on the 2 previous ocassions I spoke with council officers I was treated with contempt. The receptionist said that they would try and get me through but chances of speaking to them were not good. Needless to say there was no response from the Director's Office. I was put through to a Team Leader. I wasn't sure of what team but in for a penny in for a pound.

She was as helpful as she could be. She talked me through the took a long long time.

Basically, having been re-assessed again, I now owe £275.00 (this is because whatever excemption I got whilst receiving tax credits and child benefit wasn't valid when Em went to uni and they have back-dated this overpayment to Sept 2007.

It could have been worse. One of the invoices, in amongst all the paperwork, was for £2,881.10. Can't imagine how they would have clawed back that kind of money from the income I visualising a court room with lots of suits babbling away in legal speak whilst I sit there with me eyes glazing over.

Am being sent some paying-in cards and have been advised to pay something (as in whatever I can afford when I can afford it)because, quote "As long as you are paying something no legal action can be taken against you" unquote.

They will get the money back...I just can't say exactly when they will get it all back.

and for some bizarre reason this song comes to mind, although can imagine the stalwart Blairite pretendy Lefties murmering "How dare she compare local councils to a right wing regime?". Mel Brooks knew what he was doing when he wrote this and I know my place in this society!!! Erm, having thought about it I don't know my place...although am constantly being reminded what it should be!!!


  1. Pay them a pound a month. And let them wait, if you ask me if they miscalculate they should wright it off.
    Hoping you are having a good day : )

  2. "I attempted to make sense of it but by page 3 of the first lot of paperwork was getting a nosebleed."

    Oh you do make me giggle. I agree with La-reve, but minus 2p for every unnecessary word in their correspondance :)

    Lola x

  3. I agree with both of you!

  4. Hi Lareve

    Sorry haven't been around. Bit of a blippy thing going on this end. Had to take a migraine tablet last night and have felt a combination of being off my face and miserable as fekk today.

    The council have sent me 2 bills, each for £50 that they expect to be paid the first week in January. They can kiss my arse.

    Won't be around much tomorrow as is a private day for me but will catch up with you soon. xxx

  5. Hi Lola

    Thanks heavens for extra strength Kleenex eh? :>)

    I am getting the Festive Farce out of the way and am going to write to the CEO about all this crap.

    Gonna ask them how they would manage to find £100 from £90 benefits and pay all their other bills.

    Taking a day out but will catch up on your blog soon x

  6. Hi Action Replay

    I agree with all 3 of you :>)

  7. The Producers plot could be the basis for the establishment of local Government, you design the system to fail to make more money and pad it out with useless idiots and put a complete arsehole in charge.

  8. Hi Norm

    Uncanny that- the similarities between government bodies and the plot!!

    P.S. The Producers was Mum's favourite film. She was a very astute woman with a wicked sense of humour (and heart the size of Russia and some) :>)