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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Why oh why oh why????

After an afternoon of slumping and then resigning myself to most likely having to go to town (tomorrow) on Dad's behalf and try to sort out cock up over his medication...curled up in bed and watched pap on tv. Well, not so much watching as drifting in and out of whatever was on.

Had got to hairdresser's this morning and after 3 hours there (hairdresser flitting between customers) am glad to say there is something to show for it.

Anyway the crux of this posting is that I am really, really, really twatted off because having taken what I thought was my final half loz of the day and then nicely drifting off to sleep, Dr J rang, tanked up, and started talking drunk talk. Something about his cat skulking off to the kitchen, quite possibly because he was cussing away, and if I am really good to him he will get me some NRT. His meaning of me being good is a shag! Sorry to be so blunt but is one thing to have to listen to this drivvle when I am compus but when I am half asleep and he is slurring and talking to me like I am some whore, it makes my blood boil. I am quite capable of getting myself to the GP to get some Nicotine replacement and I certainly won't be party to any trade off. Whatever happened to romance? Okay I can live without that but some intelligent conversation wouldn't go amiss (preferably when I am awake too).

So I am stuck in moo moo land and for reasons that are as obvious as the venom in this posting, I feel a need for a reprise of an anthem, make that the anthem... for the new jilted generation.


  1. Manders,

    Doesnt sound like best situation to give up smoking in. I'm twatted off with 2009 already but was good to hear that Devo number again. Think I will play a few more sounds than crash out , I've had a fucking headache since about last march.

  2. Norm

    There has never been a best situation to give up smoking in. Ha!

    could you do with a couple of my wafer thingees? They kick migraine butt..although you then have to sleep them off.

    In fact, in light of situation I find myself in right now might take a wafer thingy in the hope it zonks me out.

    Hope you get some decent sleep in this morning :>)

  3. sitting up drinking coffee didnt help since i was awake again at 5.00 but will be glad when this phoney holiday period is over. was obsessing over bloodbath in middle east yesterday, the double standard is sickening, we ask india and pakistan to show restraint but give israel green light to act in most atavistic way to collectively punish its enemies and please before anyone starts with the anti-semite shit, calling for proportionality and respect for human life and international opinion arent anti-anything.

    eventually got to sleep listening to this song

  4. Hi Mandy
    Sorry just read post, hoping you are feeling womewhat better, will mail you when feeling less yuck.

  5. Morning Norm

    5.00 am. Ouch! I've not long crawled out of my pit.

    I couldn't acces that song. My pc tried to download it and then lost it. Myabe there is a virus in there somewhere. Too early to worry about such things :>)

    Suki has come and licked my leg.So think some fusses are in order and a cuppa

    Trying to suss out the Middle East conflict gives me a msassive head ache. I undertstand the Israeli's neurosis (a history of horric abuse of Jewish people)but I also see how teh Palestinians live and are treated. Tribal hatreds seem to go on And ON and that hatred seems more important to them than moving on and working at some kind of harmony.

    Hmmm...perhaps I could absorb myself in writing the short bur messy existance of Man on this planet.

    But first some nicotine, tea and a couple of biccies.

    Take care there

  6. Morning Lareve

    Is a bit too early to know what I feel really. Ha! And anyway being emotionally looby loo..whatever I feel is likely to change, without much warning.

    Sorry you are Yuk there.

    Look forward to getting an email when you are up to it xx