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David Cameron gets to be God!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


That is my answer to the financial crisis!

I bet they taste foul but needs must:


  1. PS, out blog's had nearly 200 hits from our local NHS Trust server in less than 24 hours.

    Do you think the solicitor's letter is on it's way?

  2. Hi FTW

    I think certain members of the senior management team and their equally well paid solicitor's are forming some sort of strategic plan for sure. Excellent use of public money don't you think?

    Some Trusts even send either anonymous comments or make up pretendy names when they do to try and make out service users who haven't actually had much of a service are in the wrong to question their Trusts.

    Fekk, naughty loonies we must remember that the demi-god which is your local MH Trust(which in turn bows down to the greater God at the centre of it all) is beyond question!!!

    Only I haven't quite sussed that yet. Perhaps, I can ask my shrink for a rosary next time I see him!!!