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Sunday, 7 December 2008

Hysteria, Repression, Tears and other crap stuff

I wrote this long post and then realised I am the cxnt round here.

That is all I have to write today


  1. Sounds like a bad day Mandy - For the record from what i have read I think you are a kind funny caring person.

  2. Sorry things are tough. Hang on in there. I don't buy into the bad stuff you are saying about yourself.

  3. Sorry things are tough Mandy- here if you need to mail me. x

  4. manders.

    things are grim, hang in there and ease up on self criticism, we're all cunts , no-ones perfect and its crazy to even try to be.

    take it easy

  5. mandy
    you are a lovely caring person, i do wish you would believe this about youself.
    keep on hanging on and hanging on. it is the people who should be and are paid to be looking after your father and all those others who have let you down so badly who are the CUNTS!!!!!!
    lots of love

  6. Hi Margaret

    Yep, I do care but, and here's the selfish part, I need to have more time and space to take care of me.

    If services were a tad more pro-active I am sure I wouldn't be dealing with other people's problems so much! And then getting to point where I am exhausted and eating myself up.

    Right now am more pissed off about these people who are targetting MH bloggers with crass suggestions that they pull their socks up.

    I am sure they are wind up merchants!

    They can come on this blog and try it but they will get, short, sharp, shift. Fekkin' fraudsters.

  7. Sorry to hear you've been having a bad time. I'm new here btw, found your blog because I was listening out for Seaneen on R4.

    I'd enjoy some pull-your-socks-up anonymous commentators... it would make a change from members of my family whom I though I could trust.

    Take care and all the best, David

  8. ach... "thought" not "though"

    p.s. verification is saying "saness" :-)

  9. Hi David

    Thanks for dropping by. made me think there. Laterally..I can see the less personal the comment seems the better it is taken.

    Certainly, if my Dad were telling me to pull my socks up, I would wonder if had somehow got hold of a box of Prozac and swallowed the lot. :>) If that was the case, I would join him in trying on all the pairs of socks we possess..for the crack!

    As Brucie and Tess say "Keep Dancing!"

  10. P.P.S.

    My spelling goes up the swanny quite a bit...I hope people have caught the drift of what I am saying when it does

    Off for some hot choccy and then a glorious lorazepam enduced oblivion.

  11. Not a lot I can add Mandy.Wish I could.Offering hugs though.Hope you got some much needed rest.
    Love Sis xxx