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Saturday, 29 November 2008 it 8 o'clock already?

Was going to write up the most relevant bits of my yesterday, today but it has been a busy day and have almost forgotten what went down yesterday...except I got some blue streaks glued (yes, you read it right) into my hair.

I also got to a craft fair last night. In spite of being really wobbly (manic wobbly) all day. Didn't make much money. Not that I make cards as a business more to pass the time and do something creative but having forked out £5 on petrol to get us there, I came out making around £2. That will do for me. Is better than being out of pocket. A total of around 20 people bothered to turn up to the fair...I think the advertisting of it wasn't a priority until the event!!!! But had fun doing the C Word quiz and the visits back and forth to the cake stall.

Last in late last night was on one. I know because I was still writing lists at 4.00 am! I listed all the days in November and then December. I wrote lists of cards made, food to buy, music I like. Even wrote a list of what I could buy if I had to live on £20 a week. After finishing off my on line order (that I have actually budgetted down to £10 less) and realising dawn was imminent, dropped a loz.

Came to at 11.30 am to phone ringing. Em (love it when she calls). Rang Dr J. Long story, but he doesn't mix well with teenagers ..even ones who are nearly at the end of their teens. Not sure he mixes too well with anyone!!!! Anyway, that is a story for another time. He decided he would leave it till after Em has left to come round. Was a bit sulky about it. I thought "Get over it, this is my daughter we are talking about".

I did a bit of frenzied housework, walked to local shops, popped in friends for cuppa and then came home in time for Em and her fella's arrival.

Was a really good vibe. We chatted everyday stuff, drank tea, ate cake and listened to Adam and The Ants followed by Nirvana's 'Bleach' album (is top dog music that). Then we headed round to see Dad with a tub of cakes I bought back from the fair.

We were there about 10 minutes when Dr J rang..having morphed into the Incredible Hulk. Sounded totally disorientated and then he started f'ing and blinding. He was at my front door, pissed up and some local youths were taking the mickey out of him.

Made apologies to Dad (with promise to return and spend a few hours with him tomorrow) and headed back. Em and fella (wisely) decided to go to MacDonald's for munchies whilst I ushered a very green man inside. One thing I cannot stand and I mean is in my top ten list of things I pissed up people talking shit, knocking over things and acting like the village idiot. After the 20th time of him telling me he loved me, and the fekk knows how many times he asked me the same questions over and over (whilst I gritted my teeth and resisted the temptation to go and get the bread knife and stab him) breathed a massive sigh of relief when he fell asleep on the sofa.

He is still there, now, and I am not religeous but am close to praying he doesn't wake up till tomorrow.

At least, I got to watch 'Strictly' and as much as I like Christine (don't know her last name but smiles alot) there is something about her dancing that reminds me of a rag doll???..not that I can talk. My dancing is very ooh-err-ish and usually fuelled by manic energy.

Now have chill time (yeeha!). Think I might update my MP3 player..and so far so good on the loz front. After a couple of days of heavy usage am cutting back again. So far ,today, have only taken 3/4 of a tablet and still no sign of needing a top up :>)

Loose link to Em ringing...this song comes to mind, although she calls me enough:


  1. Hi Mandy

    An eventful evening glad you resisted the urge for murder. Although I could have probably got you off on diminished responsibility and lack of Mens Rea due to mentalness ;) (if you are ok to have a mental lawyer that is)

    I often make lists too, and counting is thing for me - number of shelfs, number of cds on shelf, number of male cds, fremale cds- you get my drift etc.

    Maybe time to chill out and go for a little walk (thought I would get in there before Wallace)

  2. Hi Lareve

    What is it with lists? Once I get started on one, is so hard to stop.

    Should I commit murder..well it would be something else (if it was under duress and whilst suffering diminished responsibilities)..will come straight to you for legal advice. :>)

    As for Wallace. That old scamp. I wonder if he has room at his inn for a drunken sot this Christmas???? Hmmm

  3. Lists are deadly, should be banned I think. I have run out of ideas for energy so time to put on some tracks and dance I think. Now do I do hardcore dance, or cheesy anthems I have both - could be ministry of sound or a bit of I'm Every woman

  4. Hello Mandy

    Dr J still asleep?

    I would deffo have bought a card or three.
    As for lists I do it too and I count stuff and look for patterns and make up words from car reg plates and loads of other stuff - I can write action plans for England -come to think of it do you think Gordo would be interested?

  5. It's gotta be fast, Lareve..

    The music that is! The night before I did the radio interview, I was a bit hyper so I got out the Ministry of Sound (3 cd set) and went for it. Worked at treat.


  6. Sadly, Pebbles, I don't think Gordo would be interested. You would be far too logical for him and his party plus the lot of them are fekkin' clueless.

    The 2 things they seem to be good at are creating/re-creating money pits and turning the UK into a Big Brother state. Not much to be proud of..unless you a self-deluding fool.

    Talking of Wallace...hows about the Brisk Walker's viewpoint on all this?

  7. Wallace - Is obviously off on a brisk night walk

    I want to go for a walk - hmm is foggy here.

  8. Good Morning Mandy,

    You may laugh but I've just returned from my Sunday constitutional only a bit earlier than planned as the side of one of my new walking boots has split. I was clambering over some rocks down by the beach, they were still a bit wet as its been foggy down here too and I should have been more careful asthe next thing I was falling headlong and Mrs Noble and one of her guides caught me and helped break the fall just in time otherwise I daresay I would have cracked my head open.

    I was quite worried there for a bit, I'm not nearly as nimble as I once was. I used to box for the regiment . Anyway, the fall did for my new boots so I'm out of pocket again , perhaps I can buy a new pair and pay the electricity bill next month.

    Lists: my late wife used to write them all the time, particularly after I lost my job. I havent been able to focus on things like lists for some years now , I find it extremely difficult to manage the house and have rather moved into one room. Cooking has become a real burden too ever since they scrapped the daily meals at the day centre. We voted to keep on the cook and daily meals but we were told there was no money. That's the beauty of democracy though, you may not always get what you want but its essential that one feels involved in the decision making process.

    David's wife phoned in tears last night , she thinks he's involved with a client from work again . I reassured her that he'd changed his ways but I cant help thinking his visit here the other day wasnt as ad hoc as he was made out as he seemed most anxious to get away and I noticed he had taken his overnight duvet , old photo album and after shave from the spare room. He does have a habit of taking User Involvment to extremes...

    Who is this Dr J fellow? I like a tipple but I restrict the falling over drunk sessions to pension day, weddings and barmitzvah's. Actually, I dont get invited to that sort of thing any more because I have had a few drink problems myself in the past but I have my inner beastie under control now. As soon as I feel my head whirling I totter off home.

    The local CSI called round last night about the stone throwing starting up again.They took the incident very seriously and gave me a crime number. It was a bit embarassing as one of the policeman was the chap who arrested me naked in Shoreham McDonalds when I last had a silly turn. He was good enough not to mention it. I think the stone throwing may be related to a similar incident here in February. The police left me a Mind leaflet on Awareness of Disability Discrimination and said they would call back next week . When they left someone had daubed ' F*** Off Grass ' on their police car. I put it all down to the demise of the village Bobby.

    Right, I'm off to the Green Man for my free Sunday lunch before that's abolished too.


  9. Morning Wallace

    Where do I start in responding? I don't know so am going to ask... Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch? Ha!

    Your David sounds like a very naughty hoc'ing is one thing but with a wifey..tut tut!

    Sorry you are living in one room but that's democracy for you!!! As in your were part of a decision making process that ended up with you not being able to cope so well at home. I wish I had the energy to explain to you the total irrelevance of consultation processes but think I would be wasting my time and anyway you are entitled to your views and to live by them.

    Enjoy any walks you have today and

    Here's to the regiment!!!!!!