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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Suffer Little Children

I am sure the story of Baby P is being done to death as was he. Rest his little soul.

However, I feel compelled to write about the brutality (such as I know of it) that he was subjected to (by his mother and lover and some other fucker) and the fact that continued on and on, in spite of 60 visits from welfare departments.

To me it screams out..not just about the level of depravity that so called adults will stoop to but also the total ineptitude of the welfare services this country has in place. Certainly in areas such as Haringay, that never seem to learn by their mistakes.

I made myself watch the news last night because I felt I had a duty to do that. I knew it was going to be upsetting but my view is that if I think "I can't cope with watching it" and therefore don't I am doing the baby an injustice because he had no choice to switch off what was being done to him. Nothing I think, feel or do makes the slightest difference to that little boy. He is gone and it is worse that he was continually brutalised until his death that is the most sickening aspect of his sorry excuse for a life (and I mean we should be apologising, as adults, for allowing this to happen - futile as that may seem....there is a sickness in the soul of this country that seems to be spreading like a vicious cancer).

I lay awake for hours, crying for him (for all of humanity) because until as a society - make that species, WE take responsibility for the damage we inflict on others then we are all lost.

This morning, I tuned into the Minister for Child Welfare (or whatever his title is) saying there was going to be a 2 week inquiry into what happened - I would assume ,and hope,this inquiry will be looking at the roles social services, the police and the NHS were acting out but more so I hope that support services are given the appropriate powers to act and liaise much closer with each other in future, so babies and children are not left to be abused by people who are obviously incapable of caring for them and are likely to cause them long term damage and put them in mortal danger.

My fear is that all that will happen is a load of paperwork will be produced and the business of child welfare will return to it's usual and chaotic uselesseness!!!


  1. Sorry, cant comment this post and this topic is raw for me at moment-cant shake bad internal thoughts and images in head of that little boy infused with my own. hope ur well.

  2. Fully undertstand Lareve

    Go easy on yourself.


  3. The inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie found managers and staff were more interested in holding bible bashing sessions in work-time than doing their jobs properly. Certainly the citizens of Harringey were left praying for a professional child welfare service. Sadly their prayers were not met.

    The Directors of Harringey Council should be suspended from their posts and charged with corporate manslaughter as we dont just need to better regulate services we also need to change the culture that allows corporate bodies to abysmally fail with impunity.

  4. What they need to do is double funding and also ensure Harringey borough council put that money into social services. It's well known for having the shittest services in London, although is not the poorest area.

    I agree with Norm.

  5. Hi Deedee

    I agree with both you and Norm.