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Friday, 7 November 2008

A family night and taking the complaints procedure to the next stage

In my quest to help Dad to some kind of quality life, I spent the night at his place.

Am really looking at different things that are in my power to do that might help him. I have not a clue whether they will or not but gotta try.

Before that I contacted his CMHT about the GP appointment the care co-ordinator told him she was going to make. That was over a week ago now and neither Dad nor I have heard anything back from the team. Here we go again..chasing pavements!!! The care co-ordinator wasn't around so I left a message for her to ring me.

Anyway, went to Dad's and we walked to the chippy and local shops and back and then listened to the Spurs match on the radio. Now, I am not the world's biggest footie fan and with my team likely to be relegated out of the football league am rather down on the FA but Harry Redknapp has recently taken over being the manager of Spurs and I like him. I think he is a good manager and he seems to be working wonders for Spurs. Granted they are still bottom of the Premiership but in the 2 weeks Harry has been at the helm they have beaten Liverpool and won their international game last night 4-0. So I enjoyed it. I do enjoy listening to footie on the radio as the commentary is lively and often really witty too.

This morning when I got up, I made us both a cuppa and we listened again to the radio, before I came home. Dad is not the most vocal of people, anymore, but being with him (us sharing time together) is what counts. Before I left he did say that he enjoyed my company and the time we spent so I said we should do it again and he seemed to want to. Perhaps once a week. Will see how he feels about that.

Have rang the Practice Manager at the GPs to say that although I was not happy with the way the blood test results situation was handled by the staff that I was pleased by her assurance that things would be put in place to stop this happening again. However, I had been advised by the ICAS rep that I need to follow protocol as part of the complaint's procedure and would be seeking a local resolution meeting between the surgery rep (her) and MH Trust, myself and advocate.

Am now waiting on a call from the person covering for the Complaints Manager at the Trust, although based on my last communication with him am not sure he is going to take on board what I say. The subsequent e:mail he sent to my MP's secretary pretty much said that I was dropping the complaint. Er no! Anyway, I will follow up my call from him (that is if he does get back to me) with an e:mail confirming what I am seeking, from the Trust, copied to the Complaints Manager and other MH staff involved in this complaint.

Last night I did wonder what the point was...and I got a throbbing headache contemplating it all BUT the point is that things should be dealt with efficiently and with the service user aware of what is going on. That hasn't happened and I am doing my bit to make services more accountable to the people they provide care for. Something the MH Trust has yet to comprehend as an important part of what they do!

Soon Hayley will be here and we will make cards and I really feel the need to lose myself in cutty outy bits and materials. :>)


  1. Glad you got some quality time with your Dad I'm sure he appreciated it. x

  2. I'm glad that you both you & your Dad enjoyed your time together.Hope you both manage to do it again.

  3. Hi Lareve

    I think he appreciated it. More so it is important for him and me to spend time together.


    Hi Sis

    Am going to try and make it a weekly event. Hoping to talk him into letting me start cooking for him again..I reckon a home made spaggi bol. It used to be one of his favs.