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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Getting Real

Having debate with myself here.

I really don't want to be representative by doing this interview but will I be seen as representative? Am I carrying the holy grail? (shrieks). If so, I think I should cut loose now because what I see as talking about my blog and why I set it up and continue to blog seems to be becoming something else to other people.

I am being asked to put forward links to forums and that has got me to thinking do I go along with a list of links that I am interested in? I don't want to do the internet equivalent of 'Desert Island Discs' and anyway there must be plenty of things going on in the world of internet and blogging that I am not aware of. It is not my job to hunt things out or say what is interesting or not.

Feeling swamped here.

Had a chat with friend about this and their view is that I am going, as me, to talk about my blog and that is how it should be. They don't think it is anything shifty or damaging...and that perhaps there is a level of jealousy amongst people because I was contacted. The last thing I need is people being jealous of this, which is something I didn't actively seek and am now starting to feel is a noose around my neck and, actually, if anyone wants the opportunity to talk about their own blog, I am happy to pass their details on and step aside. It isn't important for me to do this interview perhaps it is for somebody else.


  1. Getting involved in the blogsphere is a personal choice and there is a responsibility that comes with all involvement. However that responsibility is to yourself - not to someone trying to drain you of your goodwll. Morality should rule and be your guide If you want to help someone and feel they are doing something that is of benefit - then by all means let your decision be guided by your morality - not by pressure to be seen to do the right thing. Because the right thing is in you.

  2. Mandy, I can't think of a better blogger to be talking to the media.

    You have huge experience of the system both as a patient and as a carer...

    Put those doubts away and carry the flag for all of us...

    Give 'em hell, girl!

  3. I pretty much agree with socrates - it's hard to think of a better blogger to talk to the media.

    The whole point of all of us who keep blogs doing what we do is that we talk about things from a personal point of view. All you'll be doing on the radio is an extension of that, but you'll also be drawing attention to the whole community of MH blogs that has been so helpful to so many of us. I think that can only be a good thing.

  4. Mandy - go and be you - nothing else matters.

    Sue x

  5. Thanks folks

    Having a bit of a funny one here. Hormones not helping and, bless her, the therapist yesterday has done something to me neck and now I am in constant pain with it.

    Oh dear! Someone shoot me...pleeeze!

    I think it would be wise...or a wiser move than any other... to actually say something about Ron's blog (during the programme) because he has done some seriously extensive work on listing blogs on the MH user voice site and if people want to access blogs that would be a good place to start from an unbiased perspective.

    For the record, the lady at the BBC didn't ask me to provide links... it was the person who was having a pop at me about doing this interview. They wanted me to promote a forum (of which I am not a member) on the programme and I thought that was a damn cheek. Particulary as the funding for that forum originally came from an organisation I am unhappy about.

    Oh! the politics that people want to play. Well not on my time.

    At present state of play and all being well on the day, I am still going to do the interview.

    And you know why? Because I want to and is there any better reason than that? :>)

  6. Mandy

    I love how everyone is supporting your leap into radioland. I have dealt with radio shows for years and my best advice is to take along a 3X5 card with no more than 5 points written down. It will help your memory and keep you on focused and on track. Whenever the presenter strays from your five points bring it back - don't let them dominate the agenda. Don't let them know about your 5 points in advance. Believe me they will try to be outrageous, that's what brings in listeners. Does anyone really think that Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are exceptons - they are a typical. Make it a good experience by being in control.

    I read this and think what an old git - but I am an old git and an old git who has made a fool of himself more than once on radio. Until I accepted that they didn't give a hang about me or mental health - for them it was just show business. The key word here being business. Good luck Mandy.

  7. I can personally vouch for Ron, he is an old git.

    Do your stuff manders

  8. Can't say anything that's not already been said. I agree Ron's blog would be worth mention. I think it's well put together and a good directory.
    Or if all fails you could just make loud screachign sounds etc, and play to the people listening who will be expecting that sort of thing from a mental. ;)

    Hope things have settled and day of nothing has been productive (oxymoron there I know)

    Hey the person emailing you re:station couldn't be worse than the email I got. Oh well- takes all kind I guess even if some of those kind are Complete ****s