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Sunday, 23 November 2008

It was all Go, Go, Go and am glad it has gone!

Interesting appointment at out of hours GP surgery at hospital, yesterday.

And before I get back to the plot, isn't it interesting how the term interesting is now used in place of more direct and honest words or terms? I see it alot on tv. When the politically correct don't feel able to express what they truly mean(the chicken shits), they say it is interesting!!!! Hmmm

So I shall rephrase my first sentence, I had a challenging appointment at the hospital yesterday and not just because I had to get there and back. Thankfully, Dr Jekyll was in good spirits and willing to accompany me. NB, before anyone starts thinking that I am being derogatory to Dr Jekyll and he has no say in the matter. I told him what my new names are for him, he laughed and said "You tell it how it is". Which, apart from the most intimate and private of my thoughts and existance I do. Some things are for the person alone!

Anyway, I arrived about 10 minutes before appointment and was directed to the minor injuries section of A&E. Started to get a bit freaked because I didn't feel it appropriate that an out of hours GP surgery should be combined with a casualty department where people are walking in (obviously in urgent need) and waiting in the same area. Maybe a minor issue for others but not for me.

Waited about 30 minutes and was called into the minor treatment ward. Started getting more spooked because it was all curtained sections and I didn't want to discuss my symptoms in an open area (curtained off or not). Thankfully, was taken to a room. Phewee.

I had a problem understanding what the doctor was saying to me, as he prodded and poked me about. I think, but am not sure, he was Eastern European and am not dissing immigrants but would be more beneficial (and certainly when I am trying to work out what is going on) if people wishing to work in this country could speak the language to adequate levels of comprehension. Thankfully, there was a nurse present who was playing translator so I managed to clock that there was more going on in my body than first anticipated (although am still not 100% sure what it all means).

Came away with a prescription for shingles. 800mg of anti virals (to be taken 3 times a day). Butt kicking stuff it is.

I was, actually, just bloody relieved to get out of there and trying to save money I couldn't really afford in getting there, decided we should get the bus back into town to collect prescription. Cost me £3.40 for 2 people to go 1 mile on a bus. It would have only cost me 10p more to get a taxi (lesson learnt). As in, when going to and from the hospital...much less stress and almost as cheap as public transport to use taxi!!!

Got prescription and then used bus from town to home which did work out cheaper than using a taxi (about £1.50 saved) but I have to wonder at the government's view (or at least propaganda is pushes out) that people should use public transport more. Why should they? When it is unreliable, overcrowded and too expensive!!! Make it a viable alternative to cars and taxis and then more people will not be able to honestly justify why they don't use it. I feel sorry for anyone who has to public transport because as a public service (sets of) it sucks!

Rant over...was relieved to get home and although the tablets are coming with some dodgy side effects (nausea which is abated when I take a bit of lorazepam and feeling woozy), I am certainly feeling the benefits outweigh the negatives. Am trying to work it that I take my lorazepam around when I take the new meds so don't feel negative side effects so badly.....and, yesterday, I still only took 1 lorazepam all day. Am quite chuffed with myself.

So on with the day and going to hunt that bontempi organ out and play a few bars of "I Just Can't Get Enough".


  1. Hi Mandy
    Shingles, ugh you take care of yourself can be really serious, won;t say more as want to construct email for you, so will mail you later.


  2. Sorry to hear you're having a lousy time of it. I hope the various meds kick in and start working for you soon.

    Take care.

  3. Hello again Mandy,

    I'm afraid the only Shingles I'm familiar with is Shingles Bay with its stony beach a few miles down the coast from here but I do feel for you having to bother with doctors on a Sunday.

    Luckilly my General Practitioner lives three doors away in the old Alms house although he's as deaf as a post so I've taken to writing down my ailments and handing him notes in the street. He often stops me in Bentley's the local super market , well its the old Post Office really, and says ' Before I forget old Chap ' and hands me my prescription. It's a good system . It works.

    I dont believe in complaining about the system though. It's bad form. I find my local services are very attentive to all my needs. I also tend to question why people are complaining and although it sounds biased its actually the common sensical approach. Complaining is churlish in my book. Try to get on with all say I!

    My son works for a mental health charity up in London and he's much of the same view. People can have too many rights. Working has turned his life around too. It's hard to believe that I once had to phone the police because he had used my chequebook to buy drugs. It's all water under the bridge now but it drove my wife to distraction when she was alive.

    Are you married? Please say if I my questions are too personal, I simply ask because I am curious.

    As for the photographs, well it bucketted down here after I commented this morning and that did it for the snow and my planned walk. Rachel the Guides Leader braved the weather as I saw her strutting off up Chandlers Hill in her green military style waterproof poncho from my back window. She has very muscular legs for a woman. I sometimes wonder.

    So , Rain stopped play as they say - which reminds me I need to see how we did in the test match - but I did make it to the Green Man though and perhaps had a pint or two more of Old peculiar than was good for me. I left when I started entertaining ideas about goosing the young Polish lass who was picking up the empties from the tables. When I was a lad there was no harm in that but of course nowadays you'd get the chop for doing that so Left the last swig and teetered back home leaning a little to heavilly on the walls along the way.

    I did get my free Sunday lunch though and I arrived early enough to get the thickest slices of chicken breast. The brussells were off though , still, it didnt entirely spoil the day.

    Now I'm off to bed.


  4. Hi Mand,

    Typical day at zoo then.

    The language barrier is a growing problem, the NHS is being run down into port of last resort service, the middle classes wouldnt put up with that shit, nor do they have to and in case there's anyone out there thinking ' oh thats racist, bollocks, I speak Polish but I know my grasp of it isnt good enough to work in a vital frontline service where communication is all - that's the point.

    Hope you are able to rest up tonight and good luck for tomorrow.

  5. Hi Lareve

    Am up and sort of getting act together for radio interview.

    Taking things slowly though.


  6. Hi Aethelread

    Had to lower the dose of the meds as kept feeling very sick but the pain is easing.

    You take care too x

  7. Wallace

    You are an eccentric old fart but there is space enough for everyone here :>)

    As for the moaning about services....I will say what I say when I say it because I want to. You can do likewise here.

  8. Thanks Norm

    Got an hour before taxi turns up so plenty of time to start getting a major flap on.

    Time for loz, me thinks.