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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Saturday Morning Reflections on Friday

Yesterday was a good day.

I always wake up weird. I don't think I have woken up feeling the joys of life and happy to venture forward with the day ahead for a very long time. I accept it goes with my territory.

Was no different today but having a good day to look back on is something. Actually, having a busy and active week (where I did what I set out to do and more)has certainly made living in the now a bit easier.

Had a couple of horrid troughs. One last Sunday and another on Thursday. I felt so physically wrecked and mentally unable to pull through so I let it be and survived as I have to date. How I got to Dad's well, it was a case of gritted teeth but actually when I was there I was able to relax and enjoy being there.

Yesterday was a goodie though. Hayley came and we made cards. I only made 2 but it is not about quantity so much as enjoying the experience and the talking and eating and listening to music was power for the cause.

After that got text from friend who is suffering with Sciatica - poor honey- and had her grandson (the lovely Kynan) with her but was really struggling as she couldn't walk about much so I went over to help out. I don't mind at all, in fact I thoroughly enjoy it. His little face lit up when he saw me and he came over and gave me a hug (totally reciprocated). We then played silly sods for a few hours and I fed thim and changed his nappy and then we played silly sods some more before he went to bed. It is much easier to enjoy babies when they aren't your own (personal comment not general). That aside and not pushing it quickly aside but I have visited and re-visited my role as an absent mother many times and now accept it was what it was and I want to make the most of the relationship I have with my daughter now.

So my plans for the weekend are pretty non existant. Not that my weekends are usually a hive of social activity but want to plod through this one. Going to take Dad's washing to him and have a chat and have a food shop being delivered..apart from that not much going on but the tv (particularly 'Strictly Come Dancing' which is the highlight of my viewing) and some music. Hayley bought me a Cyndi Lauper cd yesterday and also have the new Razorlight cd. Oh and the DVD rental company have sent me 'Benny and Joon' and I have wanted to watch that for ever.

Time for a cuppa, a cig and a track that is on the Cyndi Lauper cd. A fav of mine:


  1. Like the choice of song. Sorry you had too difficult days this week you can email if you feel the need. I think there have been a few possys in there though like getting into town on your own. And having your concerns re: blood test started to be looked at. Enjoy the strictly come dancing. I will be watching usual x-factor crap (not sure why but have watched this series so will prob stick with it) - bit sad for saturday night when I think how I would go out till early hours every sat but a quiet evening is good for me at mo. take care hun. x

    - PS I saw lovely 80s wedding dress in second hand shop just need some pink dye and will have the jordan thing down to tee(see PP)

  2. Hi Lareve

    I think you should go for the 80's wedding dress...with the pink dye and don't forget the tiara. :>)

    Will email you but not because I need to rent a vent a ling a long but because it would be nice to catch up.

    Strictly was good last night although I do think it is time John Sergeant was voted off. He is a character but he can't dance (even a little bit). I am rooting for Heather Small because she keeps being in the dance off and then raising her game.

    I did get to see the end of X Factor. I don't normally watch it because it is too much of the same for me. And with all these reality tv shows, the format is repetative and droney. But who am I to knock these things if people enjoy them so be it.

    I thought Mariah Carey was superb when she sang and I am not a big fan of hers either but she has an amazing voice.

    Catch up soon x