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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Morphing Abounds

Have been to the doc spot and have been re-diagnosed and I have an infection, not Shingles. Of the 2, the former is more pallatable to me (and hopefully won't take so long to recover from. Got a supply of antibiotics and a box of Turkish delight (the sweets are a treat to myself for perceverance).

On the really positive side of the spectrum, I got a bus back from town to home, by myself (after doing a bit of shopping). I can't say why or how I am managing to do this but something inside me is determined to have a go at overcoming the agoraphobia. However long it takes is fine by me, as long as I make progress along the way.

Other stuff of sort of interest - Was at Dr J's last night and we watched the Man U (international) match. I am not a big footie fan but have started to pay attention more of late because Dad listens to matches on his radio and is something we can talk about and share. It was one of the most boring matches I have seen, ending in a 0-0 draw. For top quality (supposed) clubs, people paying for tickets to go there (including the travel for Man U fans) must have felt they were sold down river.

The rest of my today is going to consist of catching up on Dad's and my washing, comfort eating and searching for a good movie on tv.


  1. hi darling
    so sorry i have not been in touch for so long but my typing skills are absolutely minimal. some positive news on advance directive front could send you correspondence if you are interested, other what i think is good news. would love to chat on the phone.

    GOSH and GOLLY, you are a wonder just to keep your head above water with all your health problems both physical and mental and the seemingly endless struggle to get some minimally decent care for your dad. really looking forward to hearing you on air, WHAT A WEIRD SET UP FOR THE INTERVIEW THOUGH!!!

    hugs and hugs and hugs


  2. Hi there Margaret

    Thanks so much for posting and I fully appreciate that typing can be a total chore so is great that you braved the keyboard :>)

    If you are happy to send details through about the advance directive, would like to read about it.

    I do keep pinching myself because in spite of everything, I seem to be rallying. Granted I could hit a massive trough..and may well do...but am living in the day and doing what I can in it (which, for me, is the best thing).

    Am about today so if you want to ring me, please do

    Hugs back to you

  3. Hi Mandy

    Hope you enjoyed the Turkish delight - Your Drs seem about as good at physical diagnosis as mine is with psychiatric ones.

    Things on up here so will be back to usual bloggin self soon ;)

  4. Glad to hear it's not Shingles.Didn't know Turkish Delight is available on precription.

    Sis xxx

  5. Hi Lareve

    Well the tablets seem to be working on the infection. The problem is they give me hives and also have peeling skin on my hands.

    Always summat eh? x

  6. Hi Sis

    If only.....:>)

    Wondering when blue smarties will be available on prescription.