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Friday, 7 November 2008

Sorry it's late

As in the Messiah of the Week Spot.

Was going to hunt round media land to see if there was anyone worthy enough in the past week's news. Only, haven't got the stamina.

One person who I think warrants some kind of Messiah status is Katie Price, AKA Jordan.

I should admire a woman who is on top and making vasts amounts of money on her own accord (an accord that requires 2 talents and they are more obvious than a service user at a Trust Board meeting) and, well, the public gets what the public wants and it seems to want her. BUT I don't admire her. I think she epitomizes and reflects all that is crass and oblivious in this country

She is the opiate of wannabe celeb female classes (along with the likes of Victoria Beckham)

In the absence of anyone who has genuinely earnt their place through climbing the greasy pole of bureaucracy, politics and sucking up....she has earnt her place by dancing round a few of them (greasy poles) and making no talent going way beyond itself.

And yes, I am a bitch, but for heaven's sake when will people wake up and start dealing with reality?


  1. Noooooo- Not Jordan she has been my personal role model for years, now if I could only find myself a Pink Cinderella dress!!!

  2. She is pretty businesslike about the whole thing though. As she says, "I know where every penny is". I find it hard to hate her, she is selling a product (Jordan persona) the media want...